Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle
Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle

Season 1, Episode 1 · 2 years ago

01 - Beginnings


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In the City of the Big Castle, there is a tower just off of Old Town Square. On every side is a clock face. But the western side is the largest. And though it can’t be seen from the ground, if you look very closely above the 11th hour, there is a little window. Honza’s window.  This is the story of how an empty mouse hole became his home.

A story moment with Hansa and Dash in the city of the big castle. Get more episodes at story MOMENTCOM SEASON One. Episode One beginnings in the city of the big castle. There is a tower just off of Old Town Square. On every side is a clock face, but the western side is the largest and though it can't be seen from the ground, if you look very closely, above the eleventh hour there is a little window, Hansa's window. This is the story of how an empty mouse hole became his home. The city of the big castle was much larger than Hansa had ever imagined. He got a solid grip with his hand and used his tail for balance. Then he pulled himself up over the ledge and on to the high city wall. He stretched his tired arms up over his head. It was done. He had scaled the wall. He scanned the rooftops, looking far and wide over the city he had only dreamt about. His dreams were built from his grandfather's countless stories of his own adventures. But as he looked over the city for the first time, he realized just how small his dream world had been and how very large the city of the big castle really was. Hansa stood there looking over the city for so long he nearly forgot he wasn't actually in the city yet. He was still on the wall. He inched closer to the Ledge and peered over, bracing himself with his tail. There were no bushes, no branches, no trees. How was he to get down? He screwed up his face and folded his arms. There must be a way, he thought. He searched up and down the wall, looking for a better spot. As far as he could see, the wall dropped as steep as a cliff, without a single branch for assistance. He would have to climb down directly. He pulled his pack over his head and set it down on...

...the wall. He pushed aside his food rations and the only other set of clothes, searching. When he glimpsed something red. He grabbed at it and pulled out a long strip of ribbon. His grandfather had given it to him many times. All the brave mouse needs is a bit of courage and some ribbon. were his words. Hansa found an exposed brick, tied and not as securely as he could, and slowly began his descent. He used his hands and feet to hold fast to the wall and his tail to keep the ribbon secure. When he was nearly half way down the wall, he felt the end of the ribbon slip out from the grip of his tail. It was too short. He paused and sized up his situation. He was still a considerable height from the ground. There was no choice. He took a deep breath and reached out for the next hold, without the safety of the ribbon, hold after hold, he took a breath and then climbed until his feet felt the firmness of the cobblestone street beneath after a long sigh of relief, he stared back up and watched as his grandfather's gift beat against the wall in the wind. I wish I didn't have to leave it, he thought to himself. Once again, he searched his mind deeply for a solution. He'd only been in the city for such a short time and already it was a new challenge every moment. Just as he was ready to give up and leave the ribbon, he heard a loud scratching sound behind him. When he turned towards the noise, he discovered a large bird with shiny blue and white feathers on its back. scooting across a cobblestone. Without warning, the bird began flipping over and over, doing somersaults. Hansa could not contain his laughter. Hey, bird, bird, Hansa called out between chuckles. Startled, the bird jumped upright. Hansa had interrupted what seemed to be a very complicated acrobatic routine. What what? replied the bird, frustrated. Did you say something to me? Hansa step backward. Yes, bird, he stuttered. Could you please help me? I can't fly. The name is flicker, not bird. He grabsed to one of Hans's arms, held it up and let it drop. Of course you can't fly. Your feathers are far too...

...short. Oh, I'm sorry, flicker, my name is Hansa. He paused and straightened his shirt. Since you can fly, I thought maybe you'd be willing to help me get something high up on the wall. Flicker nodded. Hans A, Huh, that's a peculiar name for such a funny looking bird. I'm sorry that you can't fly. Mother says it takes practice. Hansa held up a finger, trying in vain to interrupt. I suppose I could teach you, if you're willing to listen. Okay, less than one. The large bird crouched low and spread his wings wide, as before, and once again Hansa cannot contain his laughter. I'm sorry, flicker, he interrupted. Let me start over. My name is Hansa and I am a mouse. I grew up in the country and in fact just arrived in the city a few minutes ago. I climbed down that wall over there, but had to leave a very special ribbon at the top. I was hoping, if you'd be willing, that you would fly up and get it for me. If I could fly, I'd do it myself. Flicker turned his head slightly to the side and knodded up and down a mouse. Yes, of course, I can see it now, nice ears. Once again, he crouched low as if continuing his flying lesson, then, without warning, zipped up into the air towards the wall. He alighted on the Ledge and untied the swaying ribbon with one of his claws, then return as abruptly as he had left. Here you go, said flicker, the ribbon still hanging from his beak like a red worm. Thank you, flicker. I wish there were some way I could repay you. Hansa said, taking the ribbon. As a matter of fact, you can anything. Well, I've got this terrible itch on my back. I can't reach it with my beak. He reached back as though trying one more time. I was trying to scratch it on these stones when he called out to me. I can't get rid of it and it's so uncomfortable. Could you scratch it for me? You know what they say. You scratch my back, I get your ribbon, or something like that. Hansa smiled at his new friend and then scratched his back until the ITCH was gone. Oh thanks, buddy, that's brilliant. He stretched his wings out wide and gave a little twist of his back. Say where do you live? I can give you a ride home if you like. Hansa screwed up his face again. Well, I don't have a home...

...yet. Like I said, I just arrived in the city. My grandfather told me to find the tower, whatever that is. Again, flicker tilted his head right. No home, homeless, Gotcha. So Sad. Suddenly, Flicker Shot His head upright and his eyes grew very wide. Wait a feathery moment, he said the tower. I know they're it's where I live. Hop On my back will get you settled. Hansa hesitated at first, but then climbed a top flickers back. He took his ribbon and tied a simple knot around his neck. Do you want to saddle to Buckaroo? Let's go mount up. Flicker darted into the air. There were hundreds of buildings below, with tiny streets running between them. Hansa could see the big castle on a hill in the distance. In what seemed like no time at all, flicker began gliding towards a large clearing between the buildings. This is Old Town Square and that's the clock tower right there. He stretched his beak towards the tower and glided to a stop near a very large trash bin. Flicker Hans and flicker stared up. Wow, that trashbin knows my name. Amazing. He got closer. Yes, trash been. What is it you want? I want you to get me out of here, came the reply. You're awfully big, trashbend and a bit smelly. Please don't think me rude, but I don't want to get you out of here. Sorry, flicker, I'm not joking. I need your help. Flicker shook his head a little. What is it with people today needing my help? First a funny looking mouse, now a trash bind. I need a vacation. He fluttered up to the rim. Okay, trash been, hold on tight. He grabbed hold of the edge with his claws and started flapping his wings as hard as he could. Finally he hopped down to the ground. It's useless, trash been, you'll just have to stay here. This is a nice spot, though, many people, lots of food. You'll have a good life again. The trash been called out. Flicker, it's me. Ah, Groan, flicker, that makes sense. What are you doing in there? Going for a swim? No, came the voice from the Bin. I was scrounging and got stuck. Can you help me out? Oh No, no, no, I don't want to get stuck to you're better off just living in there. Don't worry, I'll tell your parents. Your brother will...

...miss you. And with that, flicker took off towards the tower, leaving Hanza alone with the voice in the trash bin. Hansa called out, hello, are you all right? WHO's that? The voice responded, I'm Hansa. Flicker flew away. Oh that bird he's always flying off. Could you help me out? Hansa? Hansa sized up the trash bin. It was much taller than he was. He'd have to scale the side, as he did the city wall. He pulled out his grandfather's ribbon and swung it over his shoulder. I guess I'll have to get her out. I can't just leave her there, he said to himself. The Trash bin was a bit easier than the city wall. It was covered in tiny pebbles set into its sides, which made it for great handholds. It wasn't long until he pulled himself up onto the rim and slowly peered in. Deep in the BIN was a young white mouse. She was wearing a yellow blouse and light brown pants and was sitting on a half eaten piece of bread. Hansa looped the ribbon tightly around his waist and then through the other end down here. Tie this around you and I'll hoist you out. At first, the young mouse was scared and stared up at Hanza, looking as though she was unsure she wanted to take his help. Finally, she did as he instructed and wrapped it the same as he did. All right, hold on Hansa turned around and suddenly leaped from the Rim of the Trashbin. He was counting on being heavier than she was. Thankfully he was right. He descended until his feet touched the ground. He then held the ribbon tightly as the girl climbed up over the edge of the trash bin and then carefully down the side perfect she said what she was fully down. She brushed crumbs and bits of food from her blouse. Then she offered her hand out to Hanza. I'm thank you for the help. Who Are you? Hansa shook her hand. I'm Hansa and you're welcome. I'm just glad you don't have to live in the trashbin. Oh, yes, me too. I was just trying to get some bread for lunch, but it was much further down than I had thought. I've been in there for quite some time. So your friends with flicker? Oh No, we just met actually. He then went on to explain how and why he had come to the city, the bit about the ribbon and how he eventually met flicker. This is some special ribbon, she said. Realizing... was still tied to her waist, she started to untie it when she saw it nearly ripped through on the edge of the BIN. Hansa looked sad at first, but then took the frayed bit in his hands and pulled hard until it ripped completely through. There you can keep that bit and I'll keep this. It looks Nice on you anyways. He stowed the remainder of the ribbon in his pack. Dash smiled and admired the ribbon tied around her waist. It wore much like a sash. Turning back to Hansa, she said, so you need a place to live? Huh, follow me, I can help. She took off running in the direction of the tower, dashing around hundreds of pairs of feet as she went. She was fast. Hansa had to push himself just to keep up with her. The Tower was immense. It rose into the sky as far as the two mice could see. Intricate designs were carved all over its sides. There were two large double doors where people were walking in and out of the tower. Just to the side there were another set of doors, only these were barely bigger than the two mice themselves. Once inside, Hansa followed dash as they climbed a large rope high into the tower. In just one day, Hansa had done more climbing in the city of the big castle than he'd done over weeks in the country. Soon they arrived at a small landing which led into a very large passageway. Dozens of doors and windows lined the passageway walls, each lit up from the inside. Is this where you live, asked Hanza. Of course, this is the village. Dash led Hansa up the passageway to the door which belonged to her family. There were three mice waiting anxiously just inside. Oh goodness, you are all right, said the first one, an older woman who wore a scarf on her head. Hansa thought this was DASHA's mother. The man spoke next. I was working up near the bell when flicker said You'd gotten stuck again. Yeah, I just can't seem to get out of that Ben Hansa joined in. You mean you've been stuck in there before? Oh, sure, she gets stuck nearly every week. We've told her to leave that one alone, but she doesn't listen. His white cheeks turned a light pink. Mom, Dad, this is Hansa. Hansa, these are my parents, MR and missus. Short tail, and that's Martin, my..., she said, pointing at a boy a few years younger than she was. Missus shortail said, you two must be starving. Hansa, please stay for dinner. Over the meal of several large grains of rice and some shaved bits of carrot for each person, Hans explained how his grandfather had once lived in the city and how he had encouraged him to do as he did and find adventure. Then went on to retell the story Hansa had shared with her and then added to it how he saved her. You sure found adventure today, my boy, said Mr Short tail, slapping his knee. Mrs Short tail looked at her husband. Sweetheart, isn't there an empty mousehole at the end of the passageway next to Miss Maggie? Mr shortail thought for a moment. You're right. There was a young man living there, not much older than you, Hansa, but he just took a wife and moved to the country to start a family. It seems you and him have switched places. Ha Ha, ha ha ha. Can Hansa live there? Asked, excited at the idea of having a new friend living just down the passageway. For sure. An empty hole isn't home to no one until someone makes it their home, said Mister shortail. He was very fond of making proud pronouncement such as this. After dinner, Mister shortail led Hansa and dash down the passageway to the farthest corner. There were two doors, one on each side. Mister shorttail tried the one on the left. Good, it's open, he said, ussuring them inside. The home was not large by any means, but then again, it was only Hansa that would live there and it was already furnished with much of what he would need. There was a bed, a small kitchen, a table in a chair and on the far side of the room there was a little window. Hansa walked over to the window and looked out. He could look down on too old town square and beyond the square was the hill with the big castle. The Sun was going down behind it. It's perfect, he said, turning back around. Then it's yours, replied Mister Short tail, in a very manner of fact sort of way. We'll leave you to get settled dash, will check in on you tomorrow. Come on. Hansa couldn't stop smiling as he thanked them both for all their help and said goodbye. As he closed the door to his new home, a huge sense of relief came over him. He looked around the... This was now his bed, this was his chair, this was his table. When he arrived in the city that morning, he had nothing but his pack. Now he had a home, but even more he had new friends. It had been an exhausting long day, but as he sat his pack down next to the bed and stared out at the sun setting behind the castle, he couldn't help but think of the kindness he had known that day. He was very thankful. He left the country for adventure in the city of the big castle. Remember, with each episode you would both the Audio Ain't the EAP, put them on all your devices and choose unit series at story Momentcom we hope you enjoyed Hanjan in the Shay of the big castle. I'd be right to done in sixteen.

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