Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle
Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle

Season 1, Episode 2 · 1 year ago

02 - Honza's First Meal


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A loud rumbling shook the entire mouse hole. Honza flew from his pin cushion bed and onto the floor. “What’s that?” he yelled out to no one in particular. And no one responded either. He wrapped his tail around the

bed post, then pulled himself up off the bare wooden floor and sat on the edge of the bed. He scanned the room for the source of the disruption. But there was no sound. He wiped the sleep from his eyes and looked again. No rumble.

A story moment with Ponse and Dash inthe city of the big castle get more episodes at story. Momentcom season, one episode, two Panza's firstmeal there is a tower just off of Old TownSquare in the city of the big castle. On every side is a clock face, but thewestern side is the largest and though it can't be seen from the ground. Ifyou look carefully above the eleventh hour, there is a little window. This is Hans's window. His curtains areopend to day. Adventure is at hand. A loud rumbling shook the entire mousehole, Hansa flew from his pencushion bed andon to the floor. What's that he yelled out to no one inparticular, and no one responded either. He wrapped his tail around the bedpostthen pulled himself up off the bare wooden floor and sat on the edge of thebed. He scanned the room for the source ofdestruption, but there was no sound. He wiped asleep from his eyes andlooked again. No rumble curious. He thought, then he climbed back in bed grabbed hisblanket and pulled it up to his shoulders. Just as he began to fall asleep, therumble shook him out of the bed again...

...who's, making such a rockes. He yelledout again. No one responded. The little mouse hole in the corner ofTower village was perfectly silent, and yet the rumbling must have come fromsomewhere. Since sleep was no longer happening. Hegot up and surveyed his new home. It was the first full morning of his newlife in the city of the big castle. Like his bed, everything was made fromvarious things. One might lose in a stuff drawer at home. You know theKINDOF George, don't you, you probably have one of your own, though it may becalled something else. It's where the stuff in our pockets goes to live whenwe're done carrying it around. We promise ourselves that it will allbe put into its proper place one day, but we never do across from his bed was an old spool ofthread turned end wise to form a table. A thimble served as a stool beyond that was a very modest kitchen,with cupboards and countertops made of match boxes and bits of cloth. A polished, walnet shell held water fora sink and a small stove for cooking andkeeping warm pumped its smoke out of the side of the wall. Whoever lived here before me was a goodscrounder thought Hanza. Suddenly everything began to shake onlythis time. Hansa realized what it was. It wasn't something outside that wasrumbling. It was something inside it was him. Apparently, his stomach wasvery upset and felt that this was the best way to tell him.

He'd Fallen Asleep as soon as he'd layddown the night before and had it realized just how hungry he was quickly. He began pulling open cupboard,doors searching for food. They were empty, except for a family ofdust bunnies living in the corner of one. He searched the bag. hed broughtwith him on his trip from the country he had collected nuts and berries, butnow they were all gone just as he was giving up on findinganything to eat. He spied two small chunks of a pine nut hiding in a sidepocket. He popped both into his mouth, grabbedhis sack and ran for the door. There was no time to waste he needed tofind some food. He needed to find it. Now. He burst through his front door andwith a slam ind a tumble he landed on his back. He went to pull his tail off his face,but a great yelp stopped him. It was not his tale. He had run directly into dash his bestfriend from down the passageway. She wore a white blouse and brown pantswith a red ribbon tying around her waist. Like a sash, Hi Hanza said the girl, as they got upfrom the ground morning Dash. He said in a somewhatgrumpy voice, such as you have when your belly is empty and your onlythoughts are how to fill it morning. No good afternoon, are youjust waking up. She asked with a little chuckle in her voice. It's afternoon already. Excuse me. Ineed to get some nuts and berries before it gets. Dark. Hansa began running down the passagewayand only stopped when dash called out after him. Wait. Mom says I should help you findwhatever you need since you're new to...

...the city, great where's, the nearest pine tree Ican collect some nuts grandfather always said. First gather your nutsthen build your cottage. If you know a good Berry Bush that willhelp as well dash laughed out loud. Why are youlaughing asked Hansa Hansa you're in the city? We don'tgather nuts and seeds and berries, not unless you're, on a picnic in the woodsor preparing for the annual folk festival. Okay. Well, where do you get your food,then dash raised her eyebrows? You saw me getting lunch yesterday from the trashbin asked Hansa. That'sdisgusting, not disgusting, delicious respondedDash. Well, I will not be getting my foodfrom the leftovers of some human. I am a field mouse and feel mice don't eatfrom trash beds. We forage we're foragers. Excuse me with that. Hansa pushed past ash slunghis sack over his shoulder and headed for the passageway wate up yelled dash after him. Why do you want to see how a real mousegathers food you can come but stay out of my way.The day is half gone, and I need to be quick: Oh a real mouse huh. Of course, pleaseshow me I'm ready to learn from someone so educated in the ways of the world.As you are, please lead the way. Hansa Das followed Hansa through thepassageway down the large rope that...

...hung from the bell in the tower and outthe small double doors leading to the street. Immediately they stopped in theirtracks. A large crowd of people stood in frontof the clocktower. If he walked only one step, more Hansawould be crushed hugging the wall he scaned the streets for the slightesthint of Pale, green and yellow leaves found on trees that time of year he spied too in the middle of the largecourtyard, where hed met dash there. He said pointing at the tree. Hetook off into the sea of Traffic Hansa Watch out. Yelled Ash Hanse was so quick to lead the way hedidn't see. The Big Brown shoe that nearly crushed him. He returned to dashand waited. You can't just run out into a crowdlike that country boy. My mother would be furious with me. IfI let you be squashed on your first day, you've got to move with the flow move with the flow. What are youtalking about Dash explained watch the people, you see how many of them stopand stare at the clocktower they go in a rhythm. You just need to move as theydo. Watch dash observed the crowd for a moment.Then, when a group of them paused in front of the tower she made her moveand dashed between their legs. On the other side of the group, sheweaved back and forth until she made it to the tree. Hansa puffed up his chest and heldtight to the strap of his sack. If she can do it so can I the first big group had lefht an a newgroup was just stopping Hansa did as dashed in and swervedthrough the feet of the onlookers,...

...and he nearly made it too. Just as he reached the outer edge ofthe group, an older woman felt the brush of his tail as he leaped over herfoot. She screamed with such enthusiasm thateveryone started dancing around in a panic trying to avoid the monstrousmouse she swore she saw Hansa, hooked and swerved and jumpedand tumbled just barely making it with his tail intact. Well, Don country boy, here's your tree Dashad! She slapped the trunk with herhand, Hansa paused, to catch his breath andwatched the group of onlooker still dancing around trying to avoid themouse who was no longer there. I do not want to go back through that. He saidsmiling the tree had a smooth white trunk withvery few knobby parts to use as hand holds Hansa stroked his tail as he thought.Then he pulled out the ribbon he kept in his sack. Let's see if I just swing this aroundthe trunk like this, he tossed the ribbon around the tree, but it didn'tmake it. It was too short dash just stood back and let Hans Adoas he wanted. He was, as he told her, a very ablecountry mouse. He was sure to be able to solve this problem. She watched forseveral minutes until finally, he gave up excepting that, no matter how hardhe stretched the ribbon, it would not make it around. The trunk here said Dash she untied the red sashfrom her own waist he'd, given her when they met, tie them together, and itshould be long enough. He reluctantly did, as she suggested...

...the ribbon stretched around the treestrunk with a nugh left over for Hansa to tie around his back. He held both sides and thrust it uphigher he held height and carefully walked up until his feet, wor levelwith Dashhis head. He repeated this movement tossing andwalking until he was able to grab hold of the lowest branch and pulled himselfup, he untied the ribbon and tossed it toDash. Who then did as he did and soon joined him? That was pretty cool. She said thanks,he replied now, let's find some nuts Hans appeared around the leaves of thefirst branch. Looking for something to gather. There was nothing he climbed higher to another branchthan another and another and another still no nuts. Where are they? He asked well if you'd asked me, I would havetold you that the humans pray something on these trees. No nuts really asked Hanza his heart sank. He was hungry and he was wrong. Are there any nuts or berries in thecity? Not In the city? There is one tree nearthe big castle, but it's too late to reach to day, and even if we couldyou'd have to wrestle a gray squirrel. If you wanted some of his nuts Hansa sighed heavily his stomach led out a deep growl, listen Hansa. I know this is new. It'sokay, to be scared to try something different like city food, I'm notscared, Hansa insisted, okay! Well, it's okay to not want to try the foodwe eat here, but you're missing out. I... Nutsan Berries. When we go to thewoods as a family for picnics and hikes, I'm always the first one to fill my bag.But if you want to live off of those, then the city isn't the place for youhere. Food means scrounging, the trashbins Hansa thought for a second. Maybe hisgrandfather was wrong. Maybe he wasn't ready for the city ofthe big castle. Maybe it was an adventure too big forhim to handle another deep growl dash interrupted hisrumblings stomach. Can I show you what we eat? Hansa slowly nodded his head, hisshoulders hanging low, and I will but first, how are we goingto get down from here? If one of US takes the ribbon, how willthe other get down without it after talking through as many ideas asthey kick hem up with they eventually tied the ribbon around the trunk, withHansa on one side and dash on the other and then little by little walked downuntil their feet hid. The cobblestones great follow me and stay close, so youdon't lose a tail Hansa followed after her as she wove inand out of the feet of the people once more when they neared the Trashben. Hehad helped her out of. She surprised him and kept running. They passed their friend flicker thepigeon, who was repeatedly swooping down on top of an older man, knockinghis brown bowler hat to the ground and trying to wear it himself. They heard him yell in the distance, Hey whered, everyone go. Finally, she stopped in front of abuilding with a large glass window and...

...painted Green Trim, bright, yellow umbrellas, shaded,several small tables, a man was going in and out the door carrying a tray offood. Are you going to steal from that? Manhas asked, as they hid behind the leg of a chair steel. She responded. No, we shorttails, never steal country, mice, forage city, mice,scrounge, come on this way. She led him down a small alleyway nextto the building until she reached what seemed to be the back door of the samelittle cafe they'd seen out front. Next to this was the largest trashbendhe'd ever seen. It was not small and round, like theother one, but ten times that size and brown and shaped like a box. There was a plastic lid that was openand leaning against the wall. In we go said Dash. She quickly climbed up the side of thecontainer, using the different locks and levers as though they were astaircase Hansa, followed her an immediately. He was hit by the smell, something wasn't right: it didn't smell ike garbage at all. It was a beautiful fragrance that spokestraight to his stomach dash heard his stomach's call andanswered it. This is city food. She held up a white stringy thing thatwas covered in a wet Red Guiness. She stuck one end in her mouth and thenslurped up the rest hm delicious. Here.

Try this it's called Spaghetti. She handed him a string for himself. He was nervous, but he did as she didstuck one end into his mouth and slurped up the rest. His taste buds exploded with flavorshe'd, never known before. He couldn't describe them, but theywere so much bigger than the bitterness of the nuts he was used to the two mice, one from the country, inthe other, from the city continued to feast on the food they found in the Ben, when their stomachs could hold no more,they gathered up as much as they could carry and went home as they reached the double doorsleading into the Tower Hansa paused. I'm sorry Toash! For what for trying to do everything onmy own, you were right. I am a little scared. I just got to the city. Everything hereis so different than the little cottage I grew up in in the country, there's no trees or creek orgrandfather. I have no friends here, dash pushed through the double doorsand turned around. That's not true Hansa. She said youhave me, then she burst out laughing. What is ithe demanded? If you didn't have me, you still wantto be alone. She replied pointing beyond him. Hansa turned around to see a brownboller hat scritting across the ground. Yelling help some one turned out the lights.

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