Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle
Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle

Season 1, Episode 4 · 1 year ago

04 - Stickiness


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Despite being a mouse - and a capable scrounger at that - Honza still struggled with one of the most common places a city mouse finds food: the trash bin. He wasn’t a city mouse, at least not yet.

A story moment with Hansa and Dashin the city of the big castle. Get more episodes at story momentcom seasonone, episode four, stickiness. There is a tower just off of OldTown Square in the city of the big castle. On every side is aclock face, but the western side is the largest and though it can't beseen from the ground, if you look carefully, above the eleventh hour thereis a little window. This is Hans's window. His curtains are open today. There must be adventure. Despite being a mouse, and a capable scrounderat that, Hansa still struggled with one of the most commonplaces a city mousefinds food, the trash bin. He wasn't a city mouse, at leastnot yet. In his mind. He was still all country. He grewup among wildflowers and a flowing brook that ran near his grandfather's country cottage.Mice are known for their amazing ability to forage even the smallest pieces of food. foraging in the field, however, is far different from the back alleyway. You might get dirty while looking for nuts and seeds and morsels of wildgoodness, but at least all you are...

...covered in is dirt. The lasttime Hanza went looking for food with his best friend. He returned home coveredin three different kinds of smelly stickiness which he was not even able to identify. But scavenging from trash bends was a fact of life for Hans and nowhe left the country and then moved to the city of the big castle,and there weren't any while morsels to be found near the old clock tower,candied apples and sausages and sweet pastries. Sometimes people throw away whole plates ofperfectly good food. The village mice wasted no time collecting as much food asthey could carry and returning home with it. One day, Hanza and dash wereworking their way around the far edge of the large town square that bordersthe tower. There's so much food this time of year. I wish wecould gather this much all the time. Said I feel like we could eatfor a lifetime. Let's split up today so we can cover more ground.Hansa said, I'm not sure, hesitated. We've only gone together since you arrived. She knew it was easier to get in and out of a placequickly or to carry a big hall when they work together, but she alsoknew sometimes it was nice to explore on your own. Hansa puffed up hischest. I'll be all right, okay now, said, but let's agreeto get each other when we find something too big. I'll be near thefood carts. Just signal if you need help. All right, Hans agreed, but he had already decided to stick... things he could carry himself.He wanted to show that he could get around the city just fine without herhelp all the time. Okay, see you soon. Happy scrounging. Yellthat. She headed off toward the other side of the square. Soon Hansawatched as scurried under a food cart selling salted pretzels and cold drinks. Honorablemice never take what they know to be someone else's property, so she waitedpatiently until the cart attendant dropped something. When a chunk of Pretzel hit theground, she ran out, wrapped her tail around it and quickly pulled itbehind the cart's wheel dash. Once told Hansa her favorite was the man sellingsausages. He was so clumsy, she said, there was almost always somethingtasty to take home. Hansa decided to search on his side of Old TownSquare. He soon found a trash bin that looked promising. Getting up andin was not much work for Hansa, who was becoming an expert bin climber. The colorful little stones and pebbles set in concrete gave him many handles tohold. Since there was no lid, Hansa stood on the edge and lookedin. There wasn't much use jumping in if it were empty. He knewhow difficult it was to get out. You're not empty at all, hesaid out loud. It was nearly full of paper, drink bottles, piecesof bread and bits of sausage. Hansa took a deep breath and gathered hiscourage. The first dive was always the worst, or the best, ifyou asked Dash. He plugged his nose,...

...stepped from the edge and fell feetfirst into the heap. The smell surrounded him like a fog. Oh, I missed the country, he said to himself. He determined to makeit quick. Maybe he could escape before the smell stuck to his fur.He grabbed for a chunk of bread and some bits of sausage and stuffed theminto a little sack he'd been carrying on his waist. Next to it wasa small rope made of ribbon. It had a metal hook tied to theend of it in case there was a need for climbing. Straight up,he carefully crossed a folded paper plate towards something he'd spied from above. Itwas white inside and had a sticky orange coating. He tore off a pieceand took a bite. What a treat. He thought. It was a candiedapple. The Orange Caramel stuck hard to his hand. Unable to pullit off, he did what any sensible mouse would do. He licked hishand until the CARAMEL was all gone. Oh Yummy, he said, lickingeach finger so as not to missany. The apple is a bit big.He thought back to the promise he made. It would be easier to get itout of here if she could help. He paused for a second and thoughtout loud some more. If I get she'll know I can't take careof myself. I grew up Climbing Tree Trunks and Picking Cherries. Surely Ican get this half eating candied apple out of the bin. He looked upand measured with his eyes the height he'd have to climb. It was aboutthree times as he was tall. He...

...would need to use his throwing hookand ribbon. Hansa tied the ribbon around his waist and twirled the hook overhis head. He released it, it shot up and latched to the ledge. He tied the other end to the apple stem and then carefully started climbing, pulling the apple behind him. Once he was at the top, hewould leap from the Ledge and use his body weight to lift the large appleout. It was in his first time getting something from a trash bin.At least that was the plan. Just as Hansa reached the edge, somethingunexpected happened. The black plastic bag that lined the bin was pulled together atthe top, tied in a knot and lifted out of the bin. Hansafell from his climb deeper into the garbage. Everything went black. He bounced aroundas the bag swung from side to side. Then suddenly he felt asthough he weighed nothing at all as the bag flew through the air. Athunderous clap sounded as the bag landed. Chunks of bread, half finished fizzydrinks and the bits of sausage crashed down on top of him. Except foran ongoing rumble and a vibration. The bag laid still again. Hansa couldnot tell which way was up. He felt around, trying to get hisbearings. He tried to crawl towards the bag's wall to chew a hole through, but he couldn't move. Hansa reached behind him and his hand stuck firmto something. He landed on the Apple. The sticky caramel stuck to the furon his back like a big, sticky backpack. After some time itwas as though the whole process reversed.

The bag swayed back and forth,it flew through the air and it landed with a great commotion. Hansa yelledout, I should have stayed with Dash. He sighed heavily. WHO's Dash?Came a voice. Hansa couldn't tell whether it was from inside the bagor outside. She's my best friend, Hansa yelled out. WHO's your bestfriend, replied the voice. Hansa tugged at the apple and spun and rolledand trying to get it unattached. It was of no use. You've gotto dash. All Right, nice talking to you, Hansa yelled out again. No, stop, don't go, I need your help. WHO's that? WHO's there? I hear someone. Name Yourself, the voice replied.I'm Hansa. Who Are you? Light flooded the trash bag as a whole, ripped into its side an old possum stuck in his head. He hadgray for long white whiskers and he was wearing a hat made from a pageof a newspaper. His eyes were closed shut. Hans A, nope,don't know no one by the name of Hanza. What's your name? IfI run into Hans it today, I'll make sure they know you're looking forhim. I'm Hansa, by George. Isn't that a coincidence? I justmet someone a few minutes ago that is looking for someone named Hanza. Mightthat be you, maybe? What's their name? Let me think, letme think. Oh yes, his name was Hansa. A terrible, funnyname, don't you think? What is your name? If I see himagain, I'll let him know you were looking for him. I'm but beforehe could tell the old possum his name...

...once again, Hansa decided to switchthe subject. Sir, could you pull this apple from my back? Theold possum felt over Hansa's shoulder for the apple. This is a sticky situation. With a heave and a push and a pull, the old possum rippedthe apple away, taking a bit of Hansa's fur with it. Wow,yelled Hansa. Did that hurt? I'm sorry, it's probably not too smartto be taking a rest on a candy apple. They are tasty, butthey sure are sticky. I gotta go now. And with that the oldpossum started moving away. Wait, sir, called out Hansa. Do you knowthe way out of this trash heap? I need to get back to theold clock tower. The old possum turned around and scoffed. Do Iknow? HAH, do I know? Huh? Do I wait? Second, do I know? Let's see. I came in from that hole behindthat sign over there, you know, the one that says, Oh,who knows what it says, I can't read. Then I met that boyover here. Why, he sounded a lot like you. Do you havea brother? His name was? Never mind what his name was. ThenI was trying to get to that bag of crackers over there when I metyou. Yep, there it is. I know who I am and whereI am and what I am about. The question remains, though, alittle man. Who Are you? Hansa, felt the conversation wasn't going anywhere.I'm pleased to meet you, sir. Thank you for your help. Havea good day with that. Hansa wrapped his tail around the stem ofthe apple and pulled it through the trash heap, making his way towards thehole behind the sign, as the old possum had said. He could hearthe old possum continue the conversation without him.

Pleased to meet you. That's thesilliest name I've ever heard, almost as silly as this mouse I oncemet named Hanza, a honey character he was. Hansa tried to make itthrough the hole quickly. Still, he felt sorry for leaving the old possum. Perhaps he needed some help getting that bag of crackers he was after,and did he really know the way back home? Just as he turned backtowards the hole to offer some help, the old possum came barging through.Watch out there, young and got to get back home quick as I like. Two streets down and the left at the Horse Statue. No time tochat. If you need someone to talk to, head on in and askfor a kid named Hans that or his friend pleased to meet you. Neitherof them knows it's proper to keep conversations short. They'll talk your ear off. All right, see you later. And he was gone. A widegrin spread across Hansa's face. The free ride in the trash bag was unexpected, but he did find a whole heap of a place this grounch if heever needed it. It was slow going dragging the apple behind him. Beforehe was unsure of how to get home, but the old possum helped him out. He knew the Horse Statue. He'd mentioned. It was on thesame street as the old clock tower, two streets down and a left theHorse Statue. Hansa waited a minute and let the old possum get ahead start. The Sky was dark when he finally passed through the double doors of theclock tower. It took much maneuvering and a slow climb up the rope toget to the passageway, dragging the apple behind him, but he finally madeit. As he dragged the apple home, he stopped in and knocked on DASH'sdoor. Hans I was worried when... didn't come back tonight. Wherehave you been? demanded. Oh, I was just out picking up dessert, Hansa said, smiling. He turned around and showed the apple. Missusa short tails. Mom slowly cut the apple into pieces while helped wash offHans's back with some soapy water. It was a long process. When Hansawas finally all clean in the apple slices were on the table and there camea great knock at the door. A dozen mice stood around outside. Weheard there was a party with dessert here, said the mouse who had knocked.The mice filed in, took a big chunk of Apple, thanked Hanzaand found a place to sit. For several hours, the mice laughed andjoked as Hansa told them of his free ride, the trash heap and theold possum. You mean that all Possum, said one of them. I've methim. That man is blind as a bat, blind as a Possum, said another. Blind is a bat, blind as a possum whatever, hejust can't see started laughing. A country mouse stuck in a trash bagrescued by an old blind possum. That's just too much, Hansa. Yourfantastic Hansa screwed up his face. Fantastic. What do you mean? Continued?Well, you had kind of a bad day, didn't you? Hansthe thought for a minute. Yes, there were some challenges, but hedidn't think it was a bad day. He met the old possum, hefound a candied apple, he found a new place to scrounge that was guaranteedto provide many goodies. No, I...

...don't think so at all. That'swhy you're fantastic. Said everything that seemed to go wrong, and yet youbrought us a candied apple. Everybody gave Hansa three cheers. Hip, hip, Hooray, hip, hip, Hooray, hip, hip hooray. The Towermice continue to talk and continue to laugh. When it was late,Hansa crawled into bed. His stomach was full, his tail and back weresore and there was enough candied apple in his cupboard to last a lifetime.Remember, with each episode you did both the Audio Ain't be EAP. Putthem on all your devices and choose unit series at story Momentcom we hope youenjoyed Hanjan in the say of the big castle. I'd be right to donein sixteen.

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