Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle
Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle

Season 1, Episode 7 · 2 years ago

07 - Palace Pigeons


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Despite the fact that Honza lived in the City of the Big Castle for many months, he had never actually been to the castle itself. He looked out onto the Big Castle every morning as he sipped tea from his tiny cup, sitting in the window of his home. He looked out onto the Big Castle on the Hill. His view was the best in the city.

A story moment with Hansa and Dash in the city of the big castle. Get more episodes at story MOMENTCOM SEASON One, episode seven, Palace Pigeons. There is a tower just off of Old Town Square in the city of the big castle. On every side it's a clock face, but the western side is the largest and though it can't be seen from the ground, if you look carefully above the eleventh hour there's a little window. This is Hans's window. His curtains are open today. There must be adventure. Despite the fact that Hansa lived in the city of the big castle for many months, he had never actually been to the castle itself. He looked out onto the big castle every morning as he sipped tea from his tiny cup. Sitting in the window of his home. He looked out on the big castle on the hill. His view was the best in the city. The old clock tower rose high above all the neighboring buildings. The thought of journeying to the castle occurred to him many times. Surely there was an adventure to be had within its tall ancient walls. But each time Hansa just tucked the thought way and carried on. Hansa wrapped his arms around a bundle of Straw and held up high over his head to his friend flicker. The bumbling pigeon took the Straw and began stuffing the pieces into his nest. So you've never been to the castle, asked flicker. Well, like I said, I think about it, but I need to gather the right gear first, something warm that would work for an overnight trip and cold weather, Hans answered. The funny looking pigeon narrowed his eyes and asked further. Why do you need to go overnight? He pointed the end of his wing toward the castle. It's just right there, not for a mouse. Right there is far away. It's at least a day's journey at least. Plus it's getting colder. I just don't think it's wise to make the trip by myself right now. Flicker shook his head.

Though he really was a silly bird and sometimes he didn't catch on as quickly as others might, he was kind hearted and honestly, was a helpful pigeon. You don't have to stay overnight and you don't have to go alone. Remember, you can't fly, but I surely can. He stretched his wings out wide. Hans's eyes grew large. Really, you'd come to the castle with me? Flicker shook his head in confusion. Why would I go with you? I don't belong at the castle. But then how? I don't understand. Hansa dropped his head. His quick excitement turned even more quickly to disappointment. I mean, I can't hang around with you. The palace birds don't like outsiders much. You'll be fine, though. It's just me, but I can drop you off and pick you up tonight. Hansa looked out over the horizon. Is there time enough? It's past noon as it is. Show or there, small beak. What's a day's journey for you? I can do in just a couple of minutes, but I'll still be alone, won't I? Hans's voice cracked a little as he said this. Not If dash goes with you. Hansa slapped his hand to his head Sprang Straw all over himself. Of course, I forgot. You could carry us both. You really are a strong bird for an old bird. That is old bird. Old Bird, I'll have you know. I am very young and strong. Flicker puffed up his chest out a little bigger than normal. Why, I could carry all the mice in the tower at once. Flicker couldn't keep his chest puffed any longer. He let his breath out, knocking Hansa over. Of course, I can carry her too. Hansa stood up and brushed himself off. As he walked away to find Dash, he called over his shoulders. Great, I'll invite the rest of the tower mice too. He was through the little hole and down the stairs that led from the Bell Tower to the passageway before flicker could respond. Of course, he didn't truly want any of the other tower mice to come with him, but he was eager to bring Dash. He always felt safer and more adventurous exploring the city with her. She grew up in the city and knew it well. We could spend the rest of the day exploring the castle, said Ada, when Hansa arrived to get her. Mom Is it all right if I go? It is getting kind of late in the day. Could you go tomorrow,...

MOM, please? Hansa says. Flicker will give us a ride to the castle. Really, I didn't think he went there anymore, not after Mrs Short tail stopped suddenly looking embarrassed. Well, dear, it should be fine. Just please be home before sundown. You promised that we would do some sewing together. Smiled and kissed Mrs Short tail on the Cheek. She had been looking forward to learning to sew for a while now, but if she could get an adventure into the day first, that would be perfect, she thought. The two found flicker and launched into the air from the highest point in the tower. which part of the castle do you want me to drop you off at, yelled flicker as he guided them towards the Big Hill in the distance. Both mice shook their heads, unshure of where to go. Why don't you take us where you think his best, said Hansa Oh, I know the perfect place, then. I once got lost in the southern wing of the castle, near the Throne Room. Of course, that was back before that castle birds were so stuffy and unforgiving, those pals pit and sitting on their fancy gates. Hans and noticed that any time flicker mentioned the castle birds he didn't seem very happy about them. He kept himself from asking about the palace birds, though he did want to know. How did you get lost, he asked instead. Well, you see, I saw the king. He had a tall white hat a long white coat and an apron. Oh and the king was carrying the most delicious tray of treats I'd ever seen. There were chocolates and pairs and chocolate be pears. I knew if I could get some why they'd pairedly be any chocolate left. Ha The to mice gripped the birds feathers tightly as flicker swooped from side to side, laughing. He always found his own jokes the funniest. Then Hans asked the king was carrying dessert. Of course he was. Who else would it have been? When you're the king you get the best treats, and I would have got some too, had it not been for those Pesky Palace pigeons. Finished the two mice together exactly. But before he could finish his story they'd arrived at the castle. Up here we are. Flicker was right. It took no time at all to get to the castle and it was enormed Miss when Hanza would look out over the city at the big castle from his little window, it always looked big, but as flicker swooped in over the courtyards...

...and towers, he realized it would take a year for a mouse like him to explore every room, and they only had one afternoon. Flicker circled the tallest of the towers and Dove Down, landing on the Ledge of the highest window the mice could see. Thank you for flying with us today. Joke. Flicker. Please be careful as you step down, as a fall from this height would be quite sad indeed. The mice slid down flickers back. This way, you can work your way down, go through this window and make your way to the throne room. You might even see the king with his but the mice finished for him. Tall white hat and a white coat, and an apron flicker added. Hansa gave dash a half smile. The king sounded more like a chef to them, like the one from the cafe near the old clock tower where Hansa would often scavenge. Hansa began to say something, but held his tongue and just listened. But I should get going. Continue, flicker. I don't want any of those stuck up palace pigeons to see me just as flicker spoke too. How is pigeons who looked strikingly similar to flickr, swooped in and landed between him and the two mice. It's too late, said the slightly more plump bird. Hey, isn't that said the other one. He was taller and thinner. Yes, I think you're right. It's flicker, responded the plump one. The pair of pigeons edged closer to flicker. Hey, you know you're not supposed to be up here, yelled the thin one. Yeah, you know the deal. Not After all the trouble you caused last time, added the plump one. Flicker puffed up his chest, as he had with Hansa, I'm just dropping off some friends. Hans and took that as their cue and wedged themselves between flicker and the other birds. Flicker was their friend. Those birds shouldn't talk to him that way, they thought. The plump pigeon continued. Oh are you a carrier pigeon? Now get it, carry your pigeon, Ha. The thin one chimed in. Can I get a ride next? Ha? Ha. Come on, dippy, said the plump one. Let's go get our luggage. Ha. And with that the two birds took off into the air, laughing and tumbling as they yelled carry your pigeon, Ha, over and over. Flickr perched down and rested his wings what did they mean last time? Asked? Oh, it's nothing, they just don't like me up here...

...anymore. What happened? Asked Hansa flicker looked around to see if any of the other palace pigeons were nearby. Seeing that they were alone, he began his story. Well, remember the king, Hans and nodded, with the tray full of sweeties? Yeah, well, I watched him all morning from his window right here. Over and over he brought in trays and trays of desserts. I knew he was the king because he had a whole team working for him. He had such power. Anytime he needed something, he'd yell it out and someone would bring it to him. Only a king could do that. Oh okay, said, but why aren't you allowed to come up here? Like I said, I watched him all morning. So many tasty treats. I kept telling myself just leave, just leave, but I couldn't. The king's treats had a hole of me. Every time I thought about leaving, I'd look at them and I couldn't move. I had to have one. Did you take one? Asked Tonza. I tried. Just as the last tray was brought out, I saw my opportunity. The king and all his men had left the room. I leaped from my window high above. I swooped in, but just as I reached the table, a goofy looking man showed up. He wasn't part of the king's men. They were all dressed as he was, with tall hats and aprons. This man wore a golden cloak with shiny jewels all over it. He wore a giant gold ring on his head. He carried a golden stick in his hand. I think he was a performer or something. Hansa and dashed smiled at each other, but dinnert interrupt well, just as I reached the table and was about to snatch a cream puffed pastry in my beak, that goofy performer reached for the same one. What a rude man. He tried to hit me with his golden stick. Thank goodness he missed. As he swung at me again, I fluttered back a little and he spun round and round, smashing into a giant chocolate cake. He was mad. The king must have heard the foolish performer destroying all his sweets because he came running into the room with all his men, but instead of stopping the performer, they came after me. I barely made it out with all my feathers. They circled me. I tried to fly away, but the cream puff had hold of me. I couldn't get it off. It was stuck to my beak. The performer, with his silly stick, tried to hit me again, but then the most...

...amazing thing happened. Hansa leaned in towards flicker, hanging on to his every word. What happened? My cousins showed up. The two mice scrunched up their eyebrows. Your cousins, they said together. Yeah, my cousins. Did I skip that part? Dash plopped down and leaned against the window. I'm confused, she said. Hansa sat next to her. Yeah, me too. Flicker continued. I was one of the palace pigeons. Then those two that were just here with their carrier pigeon joke, which I thought was pretty funny. Actually, they're my cousins. The plump one is dippy, the thin one was donkers. I've got about thirty more all around the castle. Flicker took in a deep breath. It's like this. I was born a castlemouse. No I mean a castle bird, a palace pigeon sitting on the fancy gates? Asked Hanza. Flicker's head hung low. Yes, I sat on the fancy gates, but only sometimes. My cousins didn't like it when I was around. They said I always made things harder for them. I didn't know what they were talking about. We'd sit for hours on the gates and watch people come in and out of the castle. Boring. Every now and then we might swoop down and pick up a piece of bread or something, but we never did anything exciting. How did you end up in the throne room, Hans asked. Flicker continued with his story. One day I was so bored I was falling off the gates, so I told my cousins I was going to explore a bit. They called me silly. Palace pigeons don't explore, they said. Palace Pigeons Perch. I'd lived my entire life in the big castle, but all I'd ever seen was our perch on the fancy gates. I wanted to see more. At first I just flew high above the grounds. I looked out over the city and nearly adventured out. I'd never been in the city. Too many people, my cousins would say. As I looked down over the grounds, I saw a tiny little window, this window. I perched here for a little while until I saw the king with his tray of desserts added exactly well, dippy and donkers followed me when I swooped in to get a treat. They watched from right here. When the king's men left and the performer nearly got me, they called out to all the cousins. All of a sudden the throne room filled with...

...pigeons. The men didn't know what to do. They each began chasing a different bird. I was able to fly off with all the commotion. I pushed the cream puff off my beak, took a quick bite and flew away. Once I got free, my cousins followed me out the window interrupted, but you keep acting like the palace pigeons don't like you. They rescued you. It sounds like your cousins love you. Sure they do, but afterward they called together the Graham Council of the cackling coop, the group that makes decisions for us. They gave me a chance to explain, but with everything I said, they just kept repeating how I was foolish. They said I embarrassed all the palace pigeons by taking the king's pastry. I tell you, if it weren't for that performer with the Golden Ring on his head trying to hit me with his golden stick, none of this would have happened. Did they make you leave the castle? Dippy and donkers propose that I be made to leave the grounds banishment. Once an idea gets going, it's hard for any one to disagree. I left that night and you haven't been back. Asked Nza. Nope, Oh, flicker, we're sorry. You must be sad to be away from your family, said Dash. Flicker, scrunched his eyebrows and shook his head. Sure, I guess I do miss my family, but to be honest, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. That night. I found a new place to perch, on a little cross beam where the bell hangs in the old clock tower. No more perching on the fancy gates for me. But don't you miss your cousins? Asked Hansa sometimes, but they're kind of silly, if you know what I mean. It kept saying the king and the tall hat was the chef. How silly. I think I know what a King looks like. Hans and Dash just smiled. Plus, now I get to have adventures. I'd rather be with the two of you in the tower than on the gates up here. Not all family has feathers, you know, he said, smiling at the mice. But you guys better go explore the castle. Just watch out for that performer if you see him. Hansa looked again across the grounds and saw the sun. It had descended quickly and was nearly to the horizon. Actually, we promised missus short tail that would be back before the sun went down. It looks like we should go now if we're to keep our word. Flicker bent low to let the mice climb up on his back. Oh, I didn't mean to ruin your day of exploration with my story ruined, exclaimed Dash. No Way, we loved your story. We can come back...

...again another day if you'd be willing to bring us. In fact, if it weren't for you, we wouldn't have gotten to come at all. Flicker took off from the little window high above the castle grounds, with his two best friends holding tight to the feathers on his back. Far Below he could hear some cackling pigeons perched on the gates. Flicker said to himself, carry your pigeon. Hah Now that is funny. Remember with each episode your Dick Booth, the audio ain't the EAP. Put them on all your devices and choose you it series. That story moment dot Tom we hope you enjoyed Hans Jan Dash in the Shay of the big castle. I've write to done in sixteen.

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