Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle
Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle

Season 1, Episode 8 · 1 year ago

08 - The First Snow


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Honza is a very brave field mouse. Though he is not from the City of the Big Castle, like his best friend Dash, he has made his home in the village of the Tower mice. His curtains are open today. There must be adventure.

A story moment with Ponsa and Dash inthe city of the big castle get more episodes at story. Momentcom season, one episode, eight, the firstsnow there is a tower just off of Old TownSquare in the city of the big castle on every side is a clock face, but thewestern side is the largest and though it can't be seen from the ground. Ifyou look carefully above the eleventh hour, there is a little window. This isHansa's window. Hansa is a very brave field. Mouse though he is not from thecity of the big castle, like his best friend Dash, he has made his home inthe village of the tower mice. His curtains are open to day. Theremust be adventure. Hans's tail was very stiff when he wokeup that morning. During the night, the wind pushed openhis little window just large enough to send a breeze right across Hansa's bed. However, it was not the warm autumnbreeze he normally enjoyed. He pulled the little red blanket upover his shoulders, but now his feet popped out. He turned over on to hisside, pulled his feet deep under the blanket, but now as tail pushed farinto the cold air,...'s no use. He thought to himself. Hemust shut the window. He took a deep breath and darted fromhis warm bad to the window, pushing aside the little blue curtain,he pulled and latched the window closed quickly. He leaped back into bed,huddled his legs and tail beneath him and pulled the blanket over his body. Suddenly he stood up on his bed, rushedover to the curtains and threw open the window. A wide smile spread across hisface as a burst of the coldest air he'd ever felt knocked him over though it was now much colder thanbefore. Hans's tail thought out and perkedstraight up. He leaned his head out the window and scanned the street below. Normally there would be hundreds ofpeople covering the square pausing over and over to stare up at the giant clockas the hour changes. But when Hansa looked, he didn't see asingle person. Instead, as though someone had gently spread cake frostingover every surface of old town square snow, he shouted loud enough to awake, Miss Maggie fromnext door. were she not always up long before Hansa he dove for the boots. He kept in amatch. Box turned upright for a dresser pulling them on. He hopped out thefront door and made straight for the passageway leading down to the street. He wrapped both arms around the ropeused to sound the bell in the tower and slid down quickly. He burst through the small set ofdouble doors and stopped his breath caught in his chest.

His cold room was nothing compared tothe street. He let out his breath and watched it.Hang in the air like wisps of smoke, the snow all around him was pristine,white and shining like millions of crystals he reached down and took a handful ofit and stuck it straight into his mouth. His Lips froze at the sensation of thecold snow, but he liked it. Shivers ran down his spine in his excitement to get outside. Hehad entirely forgotten to put on his jacket his scarf or his mittens. Infact, he stood there in his boots and his bed clothes Hanza hurried back up the rope to themouse village, just as he reached his door. He whipped around at the sound ofsome one shouting his name. It was dash. I was just coming to get you have youseen it it's the first Snow Dash noticed his wet boots andshivering shoulders. You've already been outside. Haven't you? How was it?Was it wonderful? It will be shivered Hansa. Once I getmy scarf hat and mittens it's freezing out there dash waited outside while Hans hadchanged into warmer clothes. I'm glad you help me find these MittensDash. Doesn't it snow in the country whereyou were with your grandfather sure it does replied Hansa, but Icouldn't bring everything with me when I came to the city, the two young mice headed backd for thestreet as they passed Dashh's house, her little brother Martin ran out theirdoor dressed in his snow clothes as well. Don't forget me: yelled, Martin Dash and Hansa hurried, a little fasterdown the rope and out of the double...

...doors Martin soon joined them, don't forget to close the doors dashed,aid to Martin her little brother turned around and carefully closed the doubledoors. What shall we do? First? He asked, ashe turned back around, find something to use as a sleg makesnowmice Hansa and dash were not there hey.Where do you guys go? Martin turned back towards the doorlooking for his sister splush dash doubled over and laughter as asnow ball smashed into Martin's back. Let's start with this, she said lettingfly another snow ball and then hiding behind a large stick near the wall. This time, Martin quickly ducked downand let the snowball whizz just overhead between his ears. He jumped uplaughing forming a snowball of his own and ready to launch it at his sister dash was shaking her head back andforth slowly and pointing beyond Martin, I'm not falling for that trick saidMartin now Hansa spoke, no Martin, quick, look behind you! The Snow Ball, which passed betweenMartin's ears, had sailed over towards the double doors and hit an older mouseright on his nose snow dripped down over the brim of theold mouse's hat on to his thick winter coat the three young mice dove behind thestick and hid the old mouse glared in theirdirections and shouted whyd'd. You Rud off shaking the snow from his jacket. Thelittle old mouse turned and entered the tower. Who was that asked Hanza once the coastwas clear,... don't know old, Mister widdowresponded, Dash, Hansa shook his head, Martin jumped in. He is the oldest andgrumpiest mouse who ever lived. I've heard he almost never comes out of hishouse and no one has ever been inside really asked Hanza no said Dash, but heis old and grumpy for sure. After waiting a few minutes to makesure he was gone, the three mich soon forgot about Mister Widdell andproceeded to enjoy the snow. They had snowball fights and builtsnowmice with pointed ears and twigs used for tales as morning turned to afternoon. Themice grew tired in hungry, since they rushed out the door with thefirst sight of snow. They had entirely forgotten to eat breakfast now it is not an odd thing for a youngmouse to Miss Ameal, especially in the winter, when food was hard to find inthe city, but three mices can only go so far on a grumling stomach Hansa. Why don't you come over forlunch? MOM's making soup said Dash, sounds good to me, said Hansa. He knewbetter than to turn down a meal at the Short Tail House, since arriving in thecity of the big castle. Dash became a sister to him and her family treatedhim as though it were true. The smell of missus shorttail's mixedvegetable soup met them in the passage way and carried them all the way backto dash's house once inside they removed their bootsand hung up their jackets. Mam Can Hansa come to lunch, yelledTHAs Martin, then added Dash already askedhim. So we hope you say yes, Missus shorttail poked her head out thekitchen door.

Daryia rose. She began with a sternlook on her face. You Know Hans is always welcome. Her face turned to a smile, but thankyou for asking Hi Hansa the soups on the table whenever you're ready. Thank you missus shorttail, Hansa saidpolitely with that. The three finished hangingup their snow clothes. However, Hansa could not stop laughing. What asked Ash Hansa stopped laughing long enough tosay she called you. Daria Rose Dash, replied by punching Hansa in theshoulder ow. My name is Dash. She said firmly andheaded for the kitchen. Martin laughed at Hansa never call herDaria. He said Hansa considered ignoring the advice,but then changed his mind when he felt his shoulder good idea said Hanza. It was only the four of them for lunch.That day, as Mister shorttail was on a scouting mission to find new places togather food scraps. It gets very hard to find food thistime of year. Mister shorttail has to go farther and farther each time, butenough about that did you all enjoy the snow, asked Missus, shorttall, Hansa and dash both nodded their mouthsfull as soup Martin swallowed his bite and spoke up yeah at least Misterwitdll didn't see us what's this? What do you mean Martin Dash glared across the table at herbrother Martin zipped his lips and sat therequietly? What is this Daryia asked Missusshorttail, one of the snowballs we were throwinghit mister widdl. It was an accident...

Missus shorttail frowned did youapologize Dash, looked down at her soup, an no we hid instead, so he wouldn'tknow it was us. Dorio rose this time. Hansa did not laugh short. Tails are known to be kind mice,and I will not have you hurting people even accidentally and not making amends Missus shorttail stood up. All three ofyou are going to take the rest of this soup over to Mister widoll right nowand apologize like the good young mice. You are Martin looked at his mom dash through the snowball. Do I need togo missus shorttell, just stared at him?Yes, Ma'am Martin said Mister widdle lived on the other sideof the market in the village. As the three walked through the market square,they discussed their plan. You threw the snow ball, so you shouldknock said. Hanse fine, Dash, replied, Mister Whitdle, slowly, eased the dooropen at dashes soft raps on the hardwood. Yes, who is it came a gruff voice. Mister Witdell we've brought you somesoup called back dash who's. We said the voice again. It's that Darrya shorttail said Dash glaring atHansa, who was smiling again with Hansa and Martin. The door flew open. Well, stop standingabout to make the soup cold come inside already said, Mister witdll beckoningthem. In with his hand, the three young mice hesitated, Misterwitdll stood to the side, halding the door open.

They entered into a large room. It wasthe largest room they h'd. Seen in the village. There was a warm fireplaceburning brightly in one corner. A comfortable looking chair stood infront of it with stacks and stacks of old books scattered around its legs. Mister widdle took the soup from Dashand set it on top of one of the piles. Please thank your mother for me. Dash Dash his face. Turned strawberry red you're surprised. I know your nicknameasked Mister widdowl and you Mister Hansa. You came to the villags justthis here. Am I correct? Yes, sir, my grandfather sent me. Ilived with him. Mister widdll, interrupted and finishedHansa sentence in a small cottage under a large oak tree. Hansa was surprised atd how correctMister witdle was. Yes, he muttered. I know I am very familiar with yourgrandfather. You are pressed Hansa, Oh yes, but we'll leave that for anothertime the room went silent for a moment. Anyoung Martin, I presume, asked Mister Widdow, Martin stared with large eyes andnodded his head Dash just stared at her feet. What is it young, lady? You look likeyou have something to say we're sorry, Mister witdle for hittingyou with the snowball. This morning, Mister witdll shook his head back andforth. Hans was now examining his feet as well. I have to say I was very disappointed.Mister witdoll continued, yes, Sir said Hansa. We Apologize Mister wigle. Just smiled, I would sayyou should. I was about to hit you with e Zinger of a snowball. When I lookedup and you were all gone, hiding behind...

...that large stick, I suppose you were going to throw one at us. Whyasked ash? Of course you would challenge me to aduel. I haven't had a good snowball duel, since I was young as you I wasexcited but, like I said, you hid why we were afraid you might be angry and-and we were scared of you- said Hansa Mister witdl stood quietly for a fewmoments. You were scared of me. Yes, they replied. You scared of meHaai'm, just a little old mouse, Mister Wouda laughed so hard. Hegripped the arms of his chair just to keep from spilling himself on to thefloor. His soup nearly toppled off, he regained himself and continued. Iwas so excited when I saw the first snow arrived, I rushed out. Well, Idon't exactly rush any more, but you understand I saw the three of you andgot even more excited. Most people think I'm too old to play games, butsometimes even old mice need a bit of silly play in the snow. The young mice stood with surprised,looks on their faces. Hansa looked a dash in a way that shecould understand what he was thinking. She nodded her head in agreement. Mister witdll. Would you like to comeand play in the snow with us now said Dash timidly, it felt funny to ask anold mouse such a silly question as that, but she felt it was the right questionto ask. Mister WITDL's eyes grew brighter thanthe fireplace yes. I think I would like that very much. He said. If I can remember right, I could throwa farther and harder than any one in...

...the tower plus. I often only have my books forcompany. I could use some excitement from some young mice like you soon they were all standing outside thedouble doors. Hansa chose Martin to be on his team, while dash teamed up withMister Witdel. Each team then built a collection ofsnowballs okay on the counter three yelled misterwiddow, already seeming like a much younger mouse. One two three at first Hansa was still a littlescared to hit mister whitdle with a snowball on purpose. However, afterMister widdll got Hansa twice right in the chest, the fear wore off misterwitdle had excellent aim for every snowball that Hansa or dash was able tothrow mister witdll through a three Martin just hid behind the big stick,making more snowballs for Hansa to throw when their snow clothes were soaking,wet and very little snow was left in the area near the double doors theycall the truce, however, not before Mister witdow wasable to let down an avalanche of snow that had gathered on an exposed, brickabove digging themselves out of the snow.Hans and Martin threw their hands into the air we give up. They yelled as theyheaded back up the passageway Hansa asked the question. Hehd been thinkingof for some time. Mister WITDL. Will you tell me how you know my grandfather,I'd love to hear any stories you know of him? Oh exclaimed, Mister widowl. Iknow lots of stories of your grandfather, as many of his stories arealso my stories. We were the best of friends when wewere young mice like you living in this very tower. You were exclaimed Ash. Oh yes, but I think I'll save thosestories till next time.

Next time asked Hansa. Of course itwould make me very happy if you'd come visit me. Sometimes you don't even haveto bring soup, definitely said Hansa and they bidMister widdll good bye. Remember with each episode you Dik,both the Audio ANDP epend, put them on all your delices and choose Yon Netseries at story moment at Tom. We hope you wenjoyed, hung and dash and say ofthe bag castle ipwrite to thuand. Sixteen.

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