Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle
Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle

Season 1, Episode 10 · 1 year ago

10 - The Family Meal


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Honza’s ears perked up in surprise. “It’s okay if you want to take today off,” said Mr. Green, the grocery mouse. “But,” started Honza. “The big family meal is tomorrow. You said we’d need to work extra hard to scrounge enough food for it.”

A story moment with Ponsa and Dash inthe city of the big castle get more episodes at story. Momentcom season, one episode, ten, the familymeal. There is a tower just off of Old TownSquare in the city of the big castle. On every side is a clock face, but the western side is the largest and though it can't be seen from theground. If you look carefully above the Eleventh Houer, there is a little window. This is Hans's window. Hanza is a very brave field. Mouse though he is not from the city of thebig castle, like his best friend Dash, he has made his home in the village ofthe tower mice. His curtains are open to day. Theremust be adventure, Hans's ears, perked up in surprise. It's okay. If you want to take to dayoff, said Mister Green, the grocery mouse but started Hanza. The big family mealis to morrow. You said we need to work extra hard to scrounce enough food forit. Mister Green nodded his head. Yes, Idid say that, but on second thought, maybe it would bebetter to use up all the food we have now yeah. That's a good idea, muchbetter than use crounging to day Hansa didn't understand his arrangementwith Mister Green was dosground for the grocery stall in the village market.Place and Mister Green would provide him witha daily ration of food and supplies. This way, Hans only needed toscrounge,one or two days a week, but he'd have food every day. What's wrong with me, scrounging to dayasked Hanza Mister Green rubbed his hands together.Nervously, oh nothing! It's it's! Just such a beautiful day. You should stayat home and look out your window at it. Yeah be inside to day plus thatcarriate. You brought me yesterday, wow. It was big, we'll say that it was foryesterday and today, even tomorrow, take a few days off a few days off questioned Hanza. Butwhat about the big family meal to...

...morrow when every mouse in the towerbrings food to share and we sing and dance and tell of why we're thankfulthis year, you said: We'd need more food. Mister Green, let his shoulders hanglow. I did say that and to be truthful, wedo need more food. A lot more. The big family meal is my biggest day of theyear. Every mouse in the tower is looking for something, and I almostalways have it. Mister Green looked over the suppliesof hi stall. There were foods of every color, thins levers of Red Apple andchunks of orange and white cheeses. There were stacks of Brown, breadslices and a variety of green and purple lettices. Each was wrapped in a different kind ofplastic, whatever Hansa could find for him to keep them fresh reluctantly. Mister Green responded. Isuppose we could use some more grains of rice, maybe ten or fifteen perfect. The Chef in the Tower cafe isalways dropping rice behind the counter. I can get some and be back in no time the cafe was just across the streetfrom the old clock tower, it was were Dash. Hans's best friend had taughtHansa how to find whatever food they needed. Maybe if you check the grocer on fitstreet suggested Mister Green as though he hadn't heard Hansa. Fifth Street: That's at least a halfday's journey, plus the cafe always has rice. It's no problem satisfied with his task. Hansa turnedto leave when Mister Green quickly, yelled out a warning watch out for thecat. The Hare on the back of Hans's neckstood straight out. He slowly turned back to Mister Green. Ah, what cat there's no cat in the tower, andneither is there one in the Cafe, Oh Hanza, I didn't want to tell you:There's been a buzz about the market place. A cat was seen at the cafe. Lastnight, Hansas shifted nervously from foot tofoot. Mister Green continued. You know. Mister filches Hansa shook his head.There were hundreds of mice living in Tower village and he only knew a few.By name he wans the tool stall down the way.Well, he was at the cafe last night, looking for a chunk of tomato for hiswife. She loves tomato soup. He found a big juicy one in the bin. He tied ascavaging rope around it and nearly had a ow when the biggest cat he'd everseen, came bursting out of the kitchen...

...door towards the bin. filches dropped the tomato and barelymade it away with his tail in one piece: Hans's lower lip dropped to the floor, really a cat at the cafe. Like most mice, there were very fewthings that scared Hanza, he didn't mind heights or new places, or even thedark to him. Heights were exciting. A new place meant an opportunity forexploration and discovery, and his grandfather once taught him that therewas nothing in the dark that wasn't there in the light, but there was onething that made his knees knocked together at the bare mention of them. Cats. Cats are much bigger than mice, Hansathought, and he can never really understand them when they spoke. Their language was similar to that ofmice, but they spoke it with a different accent, and that made themstrange, not just a Hans. Of course. Most mice felt that way, no matter how friendly a cat may trulybe, very few mices were willing to find out, and Hanza was no exception, so have I convinced you to skipscrounging to day asked Mister Green Hansa took in a deep breath and shookhis head? No, we have an agreement, and I must keep my word plus. Like you said,to Morrow is your biggest day of the year. I don't want to ruin the bigfamily meal. It's my first one. Mister Green, put his hand on Hans'sshoulder, be careful and maybe take dash with you. Hansa headed straight for Dash's house.She was at home alone. Mom is helping Miss Susan, prepare herdish for to Morrow's big family meal and dad and Martin went with flicker toget a few acorn from Chester. The Red Squirrel Hansa told DASH the story of the cat dash just shrugged her shoulders. You're, not scared, asked Hanza scared. Why would I be scared? CatsAren? That big said Dash? Have you known many cats asked Hanza? Well, no, I've never actually talked toa cat. There used to be one that lived in the lower parts of the tower. He waspretty old, though didn't move much feeling more confident. Hansa led dashdown the passageway to the rope leading to the bell in the tower they grippedthe rope tightly with their arms legs and tails and slid to the ground heading through the double doorsleading to the street. Hans Ha led the way weaving through the legs of thepassers, by towards the cafe across the street. The large cobblestones which made upthe street made running a bit of a...

Chore Mice Must Pay Close Attention to wherethey place their feet when they run across cobblestones one wrong foot inthe trip on the edge of the next stone. Once through the mass of people, thetwo mices were nearly to t e cafe, wait yelled out Bash Hansa stopped and turned towards her.What do you see the cat? Should we hide? No, no cat. Yet what is it asked? Hanza, you didn't say what Mister Green islooking for. Oh nothing, big! Just some rice grains, that's what I was afraid of. Hanses scrutched up his eyebrows isthat a problem dash led Hans over to the side of thecafe and sat down with her back against its outer wall. If it were a tomato or some pasta orbread or something we'd, get it from the bin right sure answered Hansa, butRice Greans aren't in the trash bin. No, but the chef drops them all thetime in the kitchen dash didn't say anything she juststared at Hansa the kitchen he said slapping his handto his forehead, that's where the cat will be exactly it was going to be tough enough.Getting in and out of the trashpin without being seen getting in thekitchen without dealing with the cat is going to be impossible, Hansa thought for a moment what, if hebegan? No that won't work then again how about no, the cat will see us forsure dash stood up. Suddenly I've got it. She shared her idea with Hansa whonodded his agreement. It could work, he said and if itdoesn't well, who knows what will happen? The two miyes got to their feet andcontinued along the outer wall of the cafe towards the back. When theyapproached the giant rectangular Trashben they stopped, they hid behind. One of the wheels ofthe Ben Look said: Hansa, pointing towards theback door of the cafe. A black shabby cat was sitting on thetop step, leading into the cafe it's just like you thought it would be.Should we keep going it's worth a try said Dash, then she did the most amazing thing. Instead of going from dark spot to darkspot hiding from the cat, she walked straight out into the open. Hansa, followed right behind hernervously, as Dashe walked out into the open thecat spotted the two mice and got onto...

...all four legs dashtopped, then very slowly. She continued walkingstraight for the cat until she was right before her the cat, stared daringly at Hans andDash. It took a tiny step forward towards them. The two mice stoodperfectly still. Are you scared asked the cat? Yes, replied: Bothmice at the same time, will you hide your tails turn and run?Then the two mice shook their heads: You're scared, quized, the cat again, the mice nodded, but you won't run the mice nodded again. The CAT led out a deep sigh and satback down a broad smiled spread across her mouth good. Finally, someone to talk to Hansa and dash exchanged confused looks I just moved here. I was living on theother side of the city, but my person brought me here and I don't know anyone Hansa didn't know what to do. He beganto back away but quickly changed his mind and sat down on the Cobblestone Dash, noticed him and sat beside him. The cat held out her front paw, I'm Nellie Hanza, said Hansa, giving Nellie's pawa little shake dash. Followd Dash Nellie continued and you two live nearhere. I hope so all I ever see are people coming to eat at the cafe or theones who work in the kitchen, they're kind of big and scary. I could use some friends that are moreon my level, some one to talk to dash smiled. We live right over therein the tower. Oh really, I love watching the dancingfigures when the bell rings. Don't you said Nellie Hans and dash nodded. So what brings you to my cafe? You're? Not here to steal. Are you nelly jumped to her feet suddenly andinched closer to the mice, Hans and Dash Shrunk back a little? I don't likethieves. Continued Nelli at this dash stood up and spoke firmly tower. Mice do not steal. We only takewhat's been dropped or thrown out. Nellie sat back on her hind legs andclapped her front paws. Oh goody. She said, then we can be friends. The mice breathed a sigh of relief.

We are here for some food thoughcontinued dash. Then Nellie said the most unexpectedthing. Do you need some help? A mouse was justhere yesterday he was in the trashpein there trying to get a tomato out sillymouse. That tomato was obviously too big for him to carry. I was watchinghim from the edge of the bed. He thought he could carry it with a littlerope. The tomato was going to crush him Nellie laughed and shook her head. I jumped down next to him to offer myassistance instead of being grateful. He threw the tomato into the air andran off Hansen. Looked at Dash. You were tryingto help him asked Hanza. Of course my mother taught me always to help whenthere's an opportunity to Hansen nodded and smiled well, we coulduse your help if you're offering it Nellie turned a circle like she waschasing her tail. Of course. What can I do for you, my little mice, friends, we're having a big family meal toMorrow started Hansa, Oh, like with your brothers and sisters, bigger Hansa, said once a year all themice and tower village share a meal. Together we sing and dance and tell Iwere thankful. It's called the big family meal Oo said Nellie. That sounds great. Domany mice live in the tower hundreds said Dash? Well, how can I help? We came to scrounge for some ricecranes, maybe ten or fifteen, the cafe shaff normally drops a few onthe ground. We were hoping to get some without being seen and you promise you'll only take theones which have dropped. You won't steal both mice put one of their hands in theair like they were swearing, an oath. We promise good follow me with that. Nellie stood and headed upthe steps of the cafe back entrance stay between me and the wall. Theywon't be able to see you Hans and dash did as they were,instructed and kept pace with Nellie as she entered the cafe's kitchen and thenwalked along one wall. There were three people in the kitchen: one was washing dishes in the sink. Asecond was chopping vegetables. On the counter, the last who wore a whiteapron and a big hat, was pouring something into a pot of boiling water dash whispered, Tahanza, it's the king. They both laughed, though very quietly, as Nellie led them closer to the chefthey saw what he was pouring into the water. It was rice and just as Hansahad predicted as he emptied the bag...

...into the pot. A number of grains fellto the floor. The cheff used his foot to sweep thegrains of rice towards the wall. Nellie led the two mice right to thepile of rice. This is great, said Dash. Just then the chef bent down Hansa anddashed dove under Nellie Good Kitty said the chef. Are you keeping US safefrom any rodents? Nellie led out a long Pur as the cheffscratched her head, the chefs then stood and continued cooking Nellie turned and stuck her head underher legs. Looking at Hans and dash upside down, you should hurry Hans and dash filled their scoungingsacks with as many rice greens as they could each of their sacks carried abouttwenty pieces slowly, they followed beside Nellie asthey left the kitchen. That was incredible, said Hansa when they wereback in the alley. Nellie bowed down a little bit and dipped her head, noproblem glad to help. She said now that you have your food, I suppose you'll beoff Hansa nodded. Will you be back any time soon? Of course we scaveged from thistrashbin here every week, Goodye said Nellie with that. The mice bit farewell totheir new friend, a giant scary cat laughed ash as theywove their way. Back to the Tower Hanza laughed repeatedly, the two mices returned to Mister Greenand presented him with the Rihe Well Don Hanza. He said how did youmanage to get all this rice with the cat not getting to you when Hansa had shared the story of howthey met Nellie and got the rice? Mister Green couldn't stop laughing. Hethrrow the tomato up into the air. That sounds like classic Mister filchers.When we were your rage, he was frightened of his own shadow. Their task completed for the day Hansareturned to his home to prepare his dish for the big family meal dash found her mother and fatheralready home. When she arrived more laughing ensued as they shared Nellie'stail. The next day, Hansa met the short tailsin the market place around mid day already it had been transformed, itseems every mouse in the tower had brought their own dining tables fromtheir homes and lined them up end to end stretching the whole length. Thevillage spread on each table was every dish. A mouse could desire. Candiedcarrots, toasted tomatoes, buttered, bread and on every table was a large bowl ofrice.

It was the first time Hansa had seenall the tower mice. In one place, there were still so many whose names he hadnot learned so many mice to meet he'd lived in the city of the bigcastle for several months. Yet he felt as though he was still just ha simplemouse from the country as he dug into a slice of orange.Someone had brought he shared Nellye's story with those around him. He wasmost thankful for the friendship and family they all gave to him at the end of the day as the singingand dancing calm down and the tower mice began packing up their tables andpacking away the left over food, an idea came to Hanza. He shared the ideawith dash who agreed it was the perfect way to end the day, filling a large paper sack with as manyof the leftovers as they could Hansa and dash carried it down the passagewayout the double doors across the cobblestones into the back alleywaybehind the cafe, together with Nellie, they shared a few more bites of tastytreets and each mouse shared. How that day, they were most thankful for a newfriend, a big scary cat, laughed Nellie, remember with each episode Youu Dip,both the audio anp, epen, put them on all your devices and choose your netseries at story moment: Ot Tom. We hope you Wenjoyd, Hunt and dash and say ofthe bag castle uperigte to thouand. Sixteen.

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