Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle
Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle

Season 1, Episode 11 · 6 months ago

11 - Silver Bells


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Ms. Maggie, Honza’s next door neighbor, stood on one foot on top of a small kitchen stool just outside her door. It wasn’t much of a stool at all. It was just a small block of wood. However, to a Tower Mouse, a small block of wood can transform into nearly anything.  

A story moment with Ponza and Dash in thecity of the big castle get more episodes at story moment. COM season, one episode, Eleven SilverBells: There is a tower just off of Old TownSquare in the city of the big castle. On every side is a clock face, but thewestern side is the largest and though it can't be seen from the ground. Ifyou look carefully above the eleventh hour, there is a little window. This is Hans's window. Hanza is a very brave field. Mousethough he is not from the city of the big castle, like his best friend Dash,he has made his home in the village of the tower mice. His curtains are open to day. Theremust be adventure, Miss Maggie Hansa's next door, neighborstood on one foot on top of a small kitchen, stool, just outside her door. It wasn't much of a stool at all. It was just a small block of wood,however, to a tower mouse, a small block of wood can transform into nearlyanything an extra seat for when an unexpectedvisitor popsie a table to set next to your bed. To put a glass of water onjust in case you get thirsty in the...

...middle of the night, or even a kitchenstool on which to teeter back and forth. While you hang something above yourdoor, what are you hanging asked Hansa as heleft his house that morning, oh pleasant morning, isn't it Hanza,Miss Maggie said when she saw him good morning, Miss Maggie. Can I help youhang something he asked? Oh, no, I just about. have it Miss Maggie, stepped off the littleblock and revealed what she had hung above her head and between the posts ofher door was a single silver bell. It was shiny and new, a red ribbon wastied to it. Miss Maggie then, did a very curious thing. She reached up grabbed hold of theribbon hanging down from the bell and rang it several times out with the old she said when theringing stopped, she stared at Hansa, looking as thoughhe expected him to say something in return. When Hansa did not reply, shescrunched up her eyebrows and shook her head a little. Then she picked up herstool and went into her home closing the door behind her very strange, said Hansa under hisbreath. He then set out for Dash's house as hewalked through the passage way leading to her door. He began to noticesomething he never seen before on nearly every door was a single silverbell hung between the door posts, just as Miss Maggie's was and tied to everybell was a red ribbon very, very strange. He said again when he arrived at the short tailsfront door. A sense of relief came over...

...him. There was no bell. He had begun tothink he was missing out on something important. But if dash didn't have abell, then of course he didn't need one either. Mister shortall dashed his father,greeted him at the door. Oh good morning, Hansa always apleasure to see you said Mister shorthaulers Hansa inside, but thensuddenly held out both his hands to stop him. Oh just wait there for one.Second, he said Mister Short tail reached in andretrieved a rather large silver bell from a table just inside the house. He hung it up, as others had done andgave it a hearty ring there. We have it Hanza. He said in with the new Hansa didn't say anything he wanted to ask Mister shorthaulersbell, but he felt too embarrassed for not knowing Al Ready Dash came running down the hallway whenshe heard the bell ring. Did you ring the bell when you came in, she asked no Hansa replied, but your father did out with the old she yelled out. Muchlike Miss Maggie had then suddenly and from nearly every room in Dash's homecame the response and in with the new Hansa was more confused than ever. Dash saw Hans's face and began toexplain it's New Year's Eve. Don't you knowabout the silver bells? No, I saw them on every one's door, but Hansa started to reply, however, dashquickly interrupted. I always forget that you didn't grow up in the citylike I did. You didn't hang silver bells with yourgrandfather in the country. Hansa shook his head from side to sideDash continued. We have a tradition... in tower village each year. OnThis Day, we hang a silver bell above our door to ring in the New Year. Wering it every time we go past for reminder that it's a New Year Dad likes to say yesterday, is over andgone and to day is the promise of something new Hans's ears. Perked up. Oh, heexclaimed. My grandfather often told me at thistime of year that it was a new day, a new chance at something good, exactly Hans's expression changed fromconfusion to surprise and then to understanding, but then it turned tosadness. What's the matter Hansa, I don't have a bell to hang on my door.He said how am I supposed to ring in the NewYear without one dash, however, did not look worried.Let's ask dad you'll know where to get one dash asked her father. Well, I'd, go and ask Mister Green inthe market place. Haven't you scavenged any bells for him Hansa? No, he had me find him some ribbon dashand I found some near the big statue, but no bells go check with him. He almost alwaysknows how to get something. Hans and Dash headed for the marketplace in the centre of the Tower Village. Mister Green, who ran a stallin the market and who hired Hansa to scound for him for things to trade, washolding a box of pine nuts when they found him good morning. Hanza Dash Mister Green,sat down the box and reached up above his head just like the doors of thehomes. Mister Green had hung a silver bell. One of the ribbons Hans had foundwas tied to it.

Mister Green gave it a hearty ring outwith the old he yelled out. Hansen knew what to do this time and in with thenew he said in unison, with Dash thanks for finding me all these Ribbons Hanza.I just sold off the last silver bell. I'll be able to use these ribbons nextyear. Dash looked surprised, you sold thelast Silver Bell, Yep Mister windle bought it. I'd havethought he'd already have one, but nevertheless, where did you get them asked? Hanza, Mister Green smiled, don't worry, Hanza,I'm not employing another scrounger. Flicker brings them to me a few daysbefore New Year's every year. He gives them from on the other side of the city,there was a mouse village near a used toy store, so they collect the bellsfor me throughout the gear, and I send flicker with some odds and ends bitsand bobs left over. It's a good trait. So there's none left, asked Hansa,sorry, they're, all gone, replied, Mister, Green Dash, grabbed Hansa by the hand andyelled out. Thank you to Mister Green. She led Hansa down the passageway pasther house to the big rope. The two mices slid down the rope and rantowards the double doors. Where are we going asked Hansa to findyou a bell living in the clock tower near Old TownSquare men being in the centre of everything in the city venture in any direction very far, andthere was food excitement and fun dash pushed open the double doors Hansa?I I think you might be in luck to day.

Look people often stopped in front of thetower to watch the hour hand. Change below the clock face was a display ofdancing wooden figurines every hour. These miniature peoplewould spin circles and dance around on a big loop. It was a favorite place formany people in the city on a normal day. There might behundreds just standing and watching to day there were thousands of people, but these people weren't standingaround staring up at the tower. They were acting like the wooden figurines.There was music noise and lots of dancing. I've been watching them sincethis morning said Dash our window overlooks the square. The celebrations always start early. What are they celebrating asked Hansa out with the old in with the New Yearsmiled Dash, look at their feet. Hansen looked at a nearby man, he worea bright, yellow, vest green tights, a pointed red hat and shiny black shoes tied to the laces of his shoes, was asilver bell. Much like the ones Hansa had seen that morning. Some one alwaysloses one said Dash you'll find one here for sure. The two mices looked around for a safeplace to wait away from the dancing feet of the people. They sat down on a little ledge on theside of the tower. They scan the street for some sign of a mist placed bell is that one has asked pointing towardsa group of people? No, I think that's just a rock das replied what about that trash said Nash after scanning the street for some time,Hansa wondered you know what we need.

What's that we need eyes big eyes uphigh kind of eyes. The two mice nodded and spoke in thesame instant flicker he's got to be out here somewhere, saidDash, there's too much free food for him to spend the day on his perch. They switched from scanning the groundto searching the skies and there he was their good friend flicker. The pigeonwho lived in the Bell Chamber of the Tower was swooping down on the red hatof the man in green tights, flicker, loved borrowing, people's Hats Dash whistled as loud as she could. Flicker turned his head towards thesound just as a man with a pointy red hat, tried to smack him with it good morning to you both said flicker,as he fluttered to the ledge out with the old he continued and in with thenew the mice shouted. We need a Beltein said flicker hefluttered besides Hansa and perched on the ledge. That's why I whistled saidDash. We need your help to find Hans. A A bell. Doesn't Mister Green have any. I gavehim a big load. Two days ago, Mister Widewood, the last one saidHansa Huh interesting. I thought mice kept their bells. Their whole lives,get it whole lives as long as they live in a hole, ha the two ice grinned and to think I thought you wanted tosee me. I thought we were friends like the best of friends like friends whofinish each other's. He stopped talking Hansa and dash just stared at himsentences flicker continued. They finish each other's sentences. I guessI was mistaken, I'm just good for my...

...wings. I'll fly you around, so you canfind your precious bell more precious than friendship. At least I'll carryyou. I really am just a carry er pigeon now. If the two mice did not think offlicker as a friend, they might be scared. They had actually offended him.Thankfully he was their close friend, the closest, so they knew when he waspretending. Flicker is very dramatic. Are you done yet asked ash? Not yet onemore replied flicker in his normal voice. He then returned to a dramatictone. I suppose you'll be wanting some inflict entertainment as well. You canjust forget it. You'll be getting the budget flight. These seeds, don'trecline the mice snickered at his jokes, okay, I'm done flicker said WHO'scoming with me. Hansa stood on the Ledge and pointed actually I don'tthink we'll need to go at all. Look there across the square was a silverbell lying on the ground. Oh fine said flicker, you need me, you don't need me,I'm off there'll be no refund, and with that flicker returned to Pester thepointy red hat man Dash looked and agreed that it was abell. You'll have to be very careful, there's a lot of feet and they're alldancing around no problem said Hansa. He climbed down from the Ledge andbegan weaving back and forth through the People's feet. Until he came to thebell he had seen, he picked it up and examined it. It was very large, much larger than Miss Maggie or mistershort tail's Bell, Hansa stared at his reflection in theside of the bell. It was as shiny as a...

...mirror. He stuck his tongue out. Hescrunched up his eyes. He made all the silly faces you do when you're aloneand bored and no one is watching. Hansa began to carry the bell back toDash, but he didn't get far. It was tied to something Hansa looked for the source whensuddenly the bell was yanked up high into the air taking Hansa with it. Thebell was tied to a person's shirt. In fact, dozens of bells began to ring,as the person walked and Hansa swung back and forth high in the air hanging on to the bellas tightly as he could. Oh, no yelled ash as she watched Hanza, swaying withthe Bell Hansa held on to the bell with one handand tried to reach the pants of the man with his other. He stretched as far ashe could, but every time he reached out, the man took another step and the bellwould swing back and forth from the string above. If I could just thoughtHansa as he stretched as far as he could. His finger tips nearly touched.The man's legs snap, the string above the bell snappedsending Hans I to the ground, Hansa landed on his feet and thenrolled a little till. He was sitting the bell rolled away from Hansa andthen stopped Hansa jumped to his feet. He looked back a dash who stretched upon her toes to see Hansa her hands clasped together in worry, Handa, shothis arms up in the air in excitement. He found a bell. He turned back towards the bell andbegan weaving his way through the legs of the dancers towards it when he was about two mouse lengthsaway from his target. The most depressing thing happened, one of thedancers hopped and landed right on top...

...of it, the dancer slipped and fellgrabbing his ankle. The bell shouted out from under him. Hansa ran for theman so as not to be seen. He made his way to the bell. It wasflattened and so was Hans's excitement. Hansa waved his way back to dash when she suggested they keep lookingfor another one. He just shook his head and headed home. They made the short journey back to thetower in total silence. Finally, Dash broke the quiet, I'm sorry, you didn't get a bell to day. She said as they approached his door.Maybe we'll find one in the coming days. Hansa didn't hear the last words Dashhad spoken. He was busy reading a note. Some one had tacked to his door. Dear Hansa, the note ran, I am sure yourealized by now that we village mice hang a silver bell above our doors onthe eve of the New Year. We do this to remember that what has happened is overand there's newness to come. This bell has been in my family forthree generations. My grandfather found it his first yearin the village and has been passed down to my father and then to me. It's hung above my door all the yearsof my life, but now I have a new one to ring. I am glad you've come to the old clocktower. You remind me of your grandfather and the adventures we hadas boys out with the old in with the new Mister Whittle Hansa looked above, his head hangingbetween the posts of his door was a silver bell. It wasn't as shiny as others he'd seen,nor was it as big as the one from t the...

...street. The Red Ribbon was a bit tattered andthere were dense in the side of the bell. But when Hans a reached up and gave thebell a ring, it was the sweetest sound he'd ever heard out with the old. In with the new remember, with each episode, you didboth the audio and P even put them on all your devices and choose your netseries at story moment out Tom. We hope you Wenjar, Hunt and dash in the say ofthe Big Castle Aperit to Thuan. Sixteen.

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