Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle
Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle

Season 1, Episode 15 · 6 months ago

15 - A Birthday Surprise


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Honza stretched his arms out to the side then stuck his hands behind his head, making himself a little pillow. He pulled his left foot up and rested it on his knee. Then he leaned back on the tip of the hour hand and stared up at the minute hand of the clock. He watched as the minute hand neared the twelve. “Almost!” he shouted out. The minute hand clicked again. “Just one more minute!” 

A story moment with Ponza and Dash in thecity of the big castle get more episodes at story moment: Com season, one episode, fifteen a birthdaysurprise: There is a tower just off of Old TownSquare in the city of the big castle. On everyside is a clock face, but the western side is the largest and though it can'tbe seen from the ground. If you look carefully above the eleventh hour,there is a little window. This is Hansa's window. Hansa is a very brave field. Mousethough he is not from the city of the big castle, like his best friend Dash,he is made as home in the village of the tower mice. His curtains are opened to day. Theremust be adventure, Hansa stretched his arms out to theside, then stuck his hands behind his head, making himself a little pillow. He pulled his left foot up and restedit on his knee. Then he leaned back on the tip of thehour hand and stared up at the minute hand of the clock. He watched as the minute hand nearedthe twelve. Almost he shouted out the minute hand clicked again, just one more minute: Handa sat up and held height, he swunga leg down around either side of the our hand and then squeezed themtogether tightly the minute hand made its final click towards the top of theclock, face striking the twelve and, with it the hour, hand, made an abruptchange from pointing straight to the left, at the nine to Angling, uptowards the ten. In that very moment, Hans's comfortableplace of rest where he looked out at the square below turned into a slide. Here I go. He shouted as he began toslide down towards the centre of the clock he kept his legs swung over thesides and squeezed more when he needed to break as he approached the end ofthe hour hand, he thrust his tail towards the handle of the little door,opening into the passage way and rolled his body. Inwards, Hansa, tumbled over and over laughing,as he did into the passageway.

He sat up dusted. His pants off andrealized. He'd landed right at the feet of some one. It was dash. You were sliding down the clock again,weren't you she asked. Oh, yes, said Hansa and I'm gettinggood at it too. I thought so. I went to your home, butyou weren't there. I checked the time and figured you'd be out here. Hansa walked ahead towards his house,Dash followed right behind him. Why are you looking for me? He asked ashe reached out for his door handle. Actually I wasn't mister widdow was heasked me if I'd seen you so I went to check for you at your house. Hanse released his door handle andturned around Huh. I wonder what great uncle once I'll go and check afterward. Do youwant to get together? Do Something Das shook her head? Sorry, I can't today I've got to get she paused. I've got to get something done. I couldhelp if you want Hans offered. Oh No, that's all right, plus, I'm sure Misterwiddle keep you for a long time, maybe even all day and with that dash walked away. Yellingsee you later over her shoulder. Well, that's weird said Hansa tohimself and then he went to find his great uncle when Dash arrived back at her house.Missus shortall asked her immediately. Do you think he suspected anything? No, he has no idea. We are throwing hima surprise party said Dash. Have you found his gift yet pressedmissus short tail? I have an idea, but I I'm going to needflicker to help me get it. What is it asked her mother you'regoing to have to wait for the surprise as well, her mother, frowned and then smiledI'll organize all the tower mice to get the party set up for this afternoon. Just make sure that Hansa and misterwidow don't see you and flicker out and about Oh we'll be careful, said Dash. DidMister Green, get the cake when her mother nodded Dash, took that as hercue and left to fine flicker Hans have found Mister widdle in themarket place talking to Mister Green, the grocer? So I guess that's it. Mister Green andyou'll take care of delivery, said Mister Widow. Of course, I will I'llhave it there well before the time it starts, replied. Mister, Green, Oh Hansa, good! You found me. I washoping that I could talk to you...

...of course uncle. What is it it's just I haven't been able to walkvery far from the tower much lately and I was hoping that you and I could gofor a nice. Long, walk, maybe see a bit of the city together to day Hanse smiled and put his hand on hisgreat uncle's, shoulder. Of course, I spent the morning lying on the big handof the clock face. I could use some walking too and with that the two mice headed forthe passageway and out the double doors that led to the city Dash, however, was high up at the topof the old clock tower. When she saw flicker, she remained perfectly quiet tiptoing. She approached the sleepingpigeon very carefully. She picked up a pieceof loose Straw and held it up to his beak back and forth. She moved the Strawtickling her good friend, flicker's eyes opened. What in theworld are you doing asked flicker dash just smiled and dropped the straw?I'm waking you up you're supposed to be ready to go. Remember we're going to find a presentfor Hansa. Oh yes, I remember now it's Christmasand he needs a new toy. No said Dash. Oh you're right. I forgot.He just got a new job and we want to congratulate him with a new brief case wrong again he's going on a trip, and you want tosay fairly well before he shoves off. You couldn't be further from it flicker fluttered down from his perch.Well, what is it? Then? You are making a fuss like it's his birthday orsomething it is yelled dash. I know it is it's such afuss, but who knows for what reason search me? No, I mean it is his birthday. Rememberwe are going to go and find him a present for a surprise party thisevening, flicker nodded his head with great enthusiasm. Of course. Of course,why didn't you just say so going on a trip ha a new job Ho Christmas hop O ho.It makes so much sense. Now Dash scrunched up her eyebrows andcocked her head off to the side. What do you mean it makes so much sensenow? What do you mean? What does it mean? Itmeans just that that is his birthday and we need to get going come on climbup watch the feathers watch, the feathers I just had them. Trimmed Dash did as flicker instructed her andin no time they were soaring high above the city of the big castle at firstflicker flew towards the castle on the hill, but then he pushed his left winghigh up in the air and circled back to the right. Where is this gift? You wantyelled flicker. Well, I'm not exactly sure. If youdon't know what you're looking for...

...respond figger, then how do you expectme to find it? Where do you want me to start then quizzed the burn dash looked around at the tops of thebuildings below most were topped with red shingles.Each roof top was significantly different in size than the ones aroundit. Finally, she noticed a flat white roofin the distance. She pointed her finger towards it there. She said: That'swhere we'll find the gift down below them. Mister witl steeredHansa done a side street of the city when he saw a flicker flapping in thewind. Would you say that again, Hansa? Sorry, these old ears don't hear aswell as they used to. I asked where we were going uncle. Mister widdle, smiled, of course, ofcourse, nowhere at least nowhere SPECIFICI. Ijust thought the streets would be a good place for a stroll to day. Isn'tthe weather wonderful Hansa nodded it is. I think spring isfully in session. Just last week Dash- and I were over near the train stationwith the big field it's covered in Dandelions, there must have beenhundreds of thousands. The green field was bright, bright, Yellow Mister widdle, stopped in front of along thin pine cone fallen in the street. He sat down on it as though itwere a park bench put there just for him. He motioned for Hansa to join him. Have you ever been on a train beforeHanza asked Mister widdle? No, never have you, it must be scary, they go sofast. Yes, yes, they do once your grandfather and I caught the eight a mtrain to a village on the other side of the city. Now you just show up with a good tradein hand and the train. Mice will make sure you get a good spot. There isorder and expectation, but not back. Then we had to run the entire way tothe station, because I had woken up late again and I have never been theathlete. Like your grandfather. My grandfather was an athlete. Oh yes,I could almost keep up with him too, though. I think he actually slowed downa bit for me. I sure loved your grandfather. He was the best friend amouse could have Hansa turned the conversation back tothe train, so how d you get on the train, then, ifthe train mice weren't there to help you mister widdle thought a moment back,then all the mice would gather under a room in the station towards the rear ofthe train. People boarded on the opposite end, soit was a safe place. Once the train had pulled into thestation, we'd all run across the platform with lightning speed and thenscurry up the wheel base to find a... to hold on it was mayhem. Everytime you jest hold on asked Hansa we just held on to anything. We couldfind boy, it was a lot of fun, but it was not safe and every one is fightingover the good spots out of the wind kicked up by the train. ThankfullyTimes have changed, Hansa pressed in a little. How is it different to day he askedthere's organization everything is in order. First, you bring your trade,something good may be a piece of apple or a string or a paper clip somethinguseful. Then you line up in that same room. I told you before, but now thereare ropes and places to que when it's your turn, the ticket mousewill lead you to a tunnel they built under the platform it empties rightunder the train, but instead of just searching for a place to ride the micehave built a compartment underneath every train. Oh, it's a sight to seeand if your trade is really good, maybe a small bag of nuts or something, thenyou get to ride in the best part of the car partment first class, there you getfree tea or hot coffee. Hansa shook his head in amazement and you've ridden the train beforesince they've made the changes at least two or three times a year, always tothe same little village. On the other side of the city, I have a friend namedNutkin, who makes my trousers for me he's the best in the world. As far as Ican tell the two mices laughed up in the air flicker glided to a softlanding on the white, topped building dash carefully climbed down. What is it dash asked? Flicker, it's Hans's gift. Don't you recognizethis building, can't say that I do then again they alllook the same to me. This is where Martin I found thatDandelion root for Hansa. REMEMBER: Flicker nodded! Oh! Yes! This is whereyour pudgy little brother nearly broke. My bones with his death defying dropfrom the side of the wall. Oh, AH, I can still feel the pain dash just ignored him. I'm not sure it will still be here, butI remember seeing something it would be the perfect gift. Why didn't you get it before? Then dasshrugged her shoulders. I did not think about it then. Well, what is it then? The suspense isalmost worse than Martin Hah. Just wait here. Dash said I'll, beright. Back flicker took that as his cue to Tuck,his feathers into his sides dropped down over his legs and close his eyesfor a little nap. Meanwhile, Gash walked to the edge ofthe building just across from where...

Martin Hung from the side of theopposite. Building Dash looked around at the base of the little edge of theroof top there were tons of pieces of trash wires. Paper and pieces ofplastic were strewn about everywhere. Dash got down low and dug through thetrash erupting upwards. With a shiny objectclutched in her hands. She yelled out that she'd found it. I've got itflicker. She ran back over to her friend. He wassnoring very loudly flicker dash whispered, but he did not moveflicker. She yelled flicker, shot up into the sky like arocket and then fluttered back. What is it who woke me from my deep slumber whodares disturb the bird when he sleeps dash just stood there tapping her foot?Are you through yeah? I'm done so. Did you find it Dash?Showed him the gift? Really, you think he'd like that. I think you'd prefer agood coupon for a feather massage. You know one right behind his neck. Oh He'd,like that very much, he would would he I think, you'd like that. Maybe that'swhat you'll get on your birthday. When is your birthday? By the way Idon't have one pigeons aren't born. We just spontaneously appear at a thin air,sometimes out of Thick Air Dash. Rugged, fine, no need for abirthday present. Then it's in the summer, it's in the summer dash climbed back on a flicker and heldtight to his feathers with one hand, while holding the gift close to herbody with the other back on the streets. Mister widdle istaking Hans and circles. Haven't we already been down thisstreet uncle? Oh yes, but once is never enough! This time we can go downbackward. If you like, we can see the street in reverse. Hansa spoke up uncle you're, actingvery strange to day. At that very moment. Mister widowlooked up over Hans's head and watched as flicker and dash flew back towardsthe tower you're right. In fact, it must be allthis walking. Why don't we go back to the tower and I'll lie down for a bit. Hansa shook his head a little andfollowed the older mouse back to their village in the old clock tower, as they approached the double doors.Hansa spotted, Martin, leaning up against the wall, tossing a rock up andcatching it Hansa good you're back Martin said: Why do you need me? Asked Hanza...

Martin stepped in front of the doors?Oh, no, I'm just glad you are mister. Wittoll are back. That's all hey! Dothe two of you want to throw this rock around with me a little not to day Martin great uncle is atfeeling the best he needs to lie down. Mister will spoke up. Actually, I'mfeeling much better. A good rock toss sounds perfect. Hansa pushed past Martin. Well, you toocan toss it. Then I think I just want to go home now. All that walking hasworn me out. Mister widdle now tried to stop Hansa,really Hansa. How about a cup of Tea Hansa shook his head another time uncle, Martin and mister widow caught eachother's eyes and dress. Shrugged Mister will got in front of Hansa toclimb the rope up to the passage way. Every couple of hand holds he stoppedand pretended to be out of breath. Just let me rest here for a minute with each pause. Hansa grew more andmore irritated. Finally, after what seemed like a verylong time, the three mice made it in to the passageway entrance as they walkedin everything, was perfectly quiet. Martin mouthed to Mister Wilhel,without making any noise. Mister whittle just shook his head. Well, thanks for the walk to day uncleI'll see you later, that's all right, Hansa I'll, walk you to your door. Martin chimed in me, too, O k, sure said Hansa slowly as theyapproached Hans's door. The three mices heard a crashing sound. It sounded likeit came from Hans's home. What was that Hans asked? Oh, that was just my upstairs in the next level, they've been banging around all morning as Hansa grabbed his door handel. Heturned towards the two mices following him, O Kae. Thanks for walking me home.It's been a strange day, see you later, Martin and Mister widdle just stood.There smiling Hansa turned around and opened his door and walked in surprise yelled. The dozens of micegathered in Hans's home there were streamers strung across the ceiling.Mister Green stood next to missus short tail and her hand was a cake with a litcandle in the Cinder Dash was clutching something to her chest and rightoutside the window was flicker's giant eyes staring in for he's a jolly good fair, though, forhe's a jolly good fel low for he's, a jolly good fellow, which nobody candeny every one sang Hansa didn't move. What is all this dash stepped forward? Happy BirthdayHansa.

She handed him his gift. It was a metallic bottle top. It wasblack and had ridges around its edges. Painted in the centre was a tall oaktree with a small little cottage at its base. It's the country, Hansa. I thought youmight like to hang it up to help. You remember Hansa, didn't, say anything tearswelled up in his eyes. You guys are throwing me a surpriseparty and to think I didn't think any oneknew it was my birthday. Thank you. Every one Hansa went around shaking the hands ofall the mice who were there. They sang songs, they ate the cake andthey told stories. The funniest moment of the party,however, was when missus Susan's children found some crayon pieces andwrote happy birthday on flicker's beak when he fell asleep. Remember with each episode, you didboth the audio and be even put them on all your devices and choosing at series at story momentcom. We hope you Wenjar hung in Dash and say of the Big Castle Upright tothus and Sixteen.

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