Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle
Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle

Season 1, Episode 16 · 1 year ago

16 - Martin In The River


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Martin Shortail was not often invited to adventure with his big sister Dash. So when she asked him if he wanted to float the river with Honza and herself, Martin could not contain his excitement. On the day of the Big River Float, as he liked to call it, he was awake and waiting patiently to leave before anyone else in the house was up. 

A story moment with Hansa and Dash in the city of the big castle. Get more episodes at story momentcom season one, episode sixteen. Martin in the river. There is a tower just off of Old Town Square in the city of the big castle. On every side is a clock face, but the western side is the largest and though it can't be seen from the ground, if you look carefully, above the eleventh hour there is a little window. This is Hansa's window. Hansa is a very brave field mouse, though he is not from the city of the big castle like his best friend Da, he has made his home in the village of the tower mice. His curtains are open today. There must be adventure. Martin Short tail was not often invited to adventure with his big sister, so when she asked him if he wanted to float the river with Hansa and herself, Martin Coulnot contain his excitement. On the day of the big river float, as he liked to call it, he was awake and waiting patiently to leave before anyone else in the house was up. Martin, what are you doing up so early, said...

Mr Short tail when he came into their sitting room with his morning coffee. I'm waiting patiently. Once gets up, we're going to get Hansa and then we'll float down the river. It's the Big River Float Day, responded Martin. Mr Short tail sat his coffee Mug on the table next to his favorite chair. The table was made from a box of dental floss. Mrs Short tail would often send Martin in to retrieve a length of the floss to use as twine around the house. Well, that's good, son, but it is still a bit early. Won't be awake for at least another hour or so. That's no problem, dad, I can wait for her. I'm ready to go the minute she wakes up, said Martin. Yes, but then there's breakfast. Don't worry about me, I had a piece of toast with jam on it already. Mister shortail smiled a little and shook his head. And you've got to get your chores done before you go out. Already done. I've been up for hours. I did my chores and I did dashes. There's nothing that will stop us from Big River Float Day, nothing at all. Mister shortail took a long drink from his coffee and sat his Mug back down. He stood up to retrieve his newspaper from the front step of their home, but Martin quickly dashed to the door, grabbed the paper and handed it to his father before he could Martin just stood there smiling. Well, it seems you've thought of everything, Martin, and that's good. I'm proud of you. Son. Your mother and I thought you might be too scared to float the river with Hansa and Dash, since you can't swim. Well, we thought you'd just say no. When she asked, Martin's eyes grew large and he stepped back a little. Why would I need to swim? We're on a raft, sure, but it's not uncommon to fall... every once in a while. The river can be very fast and rough. This time of year, the snow from the mountains melts and the river gets deeper and faster. Martin just stood there for a minute silently and then said, actually, I think I might want to get a little more sleep before we go. I'll just be in my bed if needs me. It's okay. If she doesn't need me, I mean, maybe she decides that three is too many for the boat. I can be okay with that. I mean I'd be sad in all, but what can you do? Mr Short tail chuckled and bid his son goodbye. He settled into his favorite chair, open the bit of newspaper delivered to him and then promptly fell asleep. Several hours later, Mrs Short tail tickled her husband's ears to wake him up. Sweetheart, breakfast is ready. Mr Short tail opened his eyes, stretched his arms out to the side and yawned loudly. Where's Martin, he asked? Still in bed. I sent in to wake him, but he doesn't seem like he's feeling that well today. MMM, interesting, said Mr Short tail. Let me see if I can get him up. Mr Short tail walked to Martin's room and gently wrapped his knuckles on the door. Martin, let's go boy, it's big river float day. Silence was the only response. Mr Short tail turned the handle and went in. Martin's room was a huge mess. Mr Short tail stepped over the dirty clothes and toys strewn about the floor. In the middle of the bed was a large lump covered by a blanket. Mr Short tail pulled the blanket back quickly. Gotcha, he said, as though playing tag with his son. But instead of finding Martin,...

...there were two pillows forming the shape of a mouse. Mr Short tail smiled. All right, Martin, all Let da know that you don't want to float the river with her and Hansa. No problem, buddy. Suddenly, Martin burst from beneath his bed. I'm here, I'm here. Don't tell them that I'll go. Mr Short tail's ears perked as he heard a noise coming from the other room. It sounds like Hans is here. Why don't you grab a bite to eat before you go? Martin followed his father to the kitchen, where Hansa was eating a slice of Apple. Ready to go? Martin asked Hansa between bites. Martin just nodded without speaking. Normally, it would be a long journey to the river. However, just a few weeks before, Hansa had learned from Mr Green, the grocery mouse he often scrounged for, that there was a special path leading straight from the tower to the river. It was built some years ago, I don't know how many. Back when I was a young mouse like yourself, I'd slip away, sometimes for half a day, to bathe in the river, I mean swim. We called it bathing, ha ha, Hansa led da and Martin to the secret passageway. It's the opposite way from the double doors, he said. The three mice descended the long rope stretching from the bell tower to the floor and turned right instead of left, as they usually do. You know what, said Dash. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I've never gone this way. I always had straight for the outside. In fact, except flickers coupe, I haven't explored that much of the tower at all. Maybe we can explore today, offered Martin. He walked a few steps behind. No, Martin, not today. You don't have to come with us... if you're too nervous, said Martin. Sighed heavily and swung the little towel he carried with him over his shoulder. No, it's fine, Hansa spoke up. Good, the Path is just here. Hans entered, a small hole in the wall of the tower, just tall enough for him to stand upright. Immediately he began to sending a staircase taking him underground. I can't see, cried out Martin. Mean neither, said Dash. I can see a small light. Just run your hand along the wall, Dash, you take my tail and Martin, you hold your sister's gross. I don't want to hold her tail, said Martin. Fine, said Dash. Suit Yourself. Not a moment later, Martin missed the step and tumbled down the rest of the staircase in the darkness. Hansa took the steps two at a time, with dash following quickly, still holding his tail. Martin, are you okay, asked Hansa. At the bottom, Martin sat up and rubbed his head. I just bumped my head a little. You can go back if you need to, if you're too hurt, offered Dash. Martin stood up and rubbed his head a little more. No, it's fine, it's fine. Hansa leaned in a little towards Martin. Listen, we know you're nervous, and that's okay. I was nervous the first time I floated the river too, but if you're going to come with us, you're going to have to trust us. When we're on the raft, we each have to work together, otherwise we'll all end up in the water. Do you understand? I do, sorry, Hansa. Then Martin turned towards his sister, and I'm sorry to you too, Dash. I shouldn't have said your tail was gross. Dash worked her tail up towards Martin's nose and tickled it.

No problem, but no more fighting us. You got it, said Martin. The three mice turned towards the path. Apparently, when the path was built, little holes were poked up through the ground above. Light shone through the holes, illuminating the path. It seems like the path ends up there. There's a wall, said Dash. That's weird, said Hansa. He walked towards the distant wall. as he approached it, they discovered that on either side of the wall or staircases. The one to the left went upwards. However, above the entrance was a sign which read going out, and to the right the staircase went down, but the sign read coming back. That's interesting, said Dash. Which one should we take? Hansa thought for a moment and then began up the staircase to the left dash and Martin followed close behind him. At the top of the staircase was another room, slightly smaller but more lit than the previous path. This place is like a maze, said Martin. On the wall were large pieces of wood shaped like half an egg's Shell. There were three of these and just beyond those was a cut out in the wall with a step leading into the cutout. Climbed up the step. There's running water here, she said. She then described how there was a channel of quick moving water heading as far as she could see. Martin's ears perked up straight. It's a water slide, he said. I'll be right back. Martin then dashed out of the room and back down the staircase. Hansa and dash just stood there staring at each other in confusion.

A few moments later Martin returned. Sorry, I thought something and needed a check to see if I was right. replied. What was it that you thought? Martin then explained that the water was really a pipe. Mice from the past must have cut a hole in the side to give access to it. That's what these are for, he said, as he took one of the wooden shells from the wall. We sit on them and then slide down the pipe like a water slide. Couldn't think of a reason Martin might be wrong. Why did you leave, then, she asked. Instead, I guess that this pipe leads down to the river. Look, it's flowing downwards away from the tower. That made me think that the other staircase leading downwards was a pipe coming back from the river. I checked and it's almost the exact same room, but instead the waters flowing towards the tower. Martin, you're a genius, exclaimed Hanza. Martin's smile stretched the entire width of the room. He handed dash the wooden shell. You first, he said. Dash took the shell and climbed up. She stepped into the water, which came up to her knees. It was icy cold. Then she sat down on the Shell and held the edge of the wall to keep from sliding down the pipe. You get in your shell behind me, Dash said Martin. Hansa then loaded in behind Martin. Martin asked Dash. Yes, SIS, how are we supposed to stop? Martin squirmed on his wooden shell. That's the best part, he said. I saw on the other side that there were a bunch of ropes hanging from the ceiling. I think we just grabbed one. When we're at the end, H O k. well, here's to adventure. And with that, dash let go of the edge of...

...the wall. quickly, the wooden shell beneath began barreling down the channel. The light holes were much further apart, so they kept going in and out of a lit space. How's it going back there, yelled Dash Martin. Jess yelled whoohoo in response. Hansa, however, wasn't having an easy time. How do I keep from spinning around? I can't stop it, he yelled out. Quickly responded, just put your tail in the water, use it as a rudder, a rude air. What's a rude air? No, not a rude air, a Rodr like on a boat. A rudder. Oh, Gotcha. Hansa thrust his tail into the water and began swaying it back and forth quickly. The wooden shell straightened up. Soon enough, saw an area with much greater light ahead. I think we're coming to the end. Yeah, there are the ropes you mentioned, Martin. When I say go, reach up and grab one, Martin and Hansa both yelled back their understanding. All right, ready, steady go. All three mice reached up and grasped hold of one of the ropes hanging from the ceiling of the pipe. Hansa expected to feel a great jerk from the rope. He held tight to his wooden shell to make sure it didn't fly out from beneath him, but the jerk never came. Instead, the rope slowed them down, growing longer and longer, until they had stopped directly next to a window into a room. Each mouse carefully climbed out of the channel, carrying their wooden shell behind them. When they let go of the ropes, they slowly retracted back to the place they first pulled on them. They're attached to springs,...

...explained Hansa. That's why we slowed down instead of flying off. Genius. Where do we leave these, asked Dash. We have to take them to the other side. There are no hooks here, said Martin. Hansa and dash followed Martin up the stairs out of the room. They first had a long path similar to the one when they first came in, long with light holes punched into the ground above. Then up a set of stairs leading to a room nearly identical to the one they had just left, near the tower. See, said Martin, pointing to the many hooks on the wall. We hang these here, then we take this pipe back to the tower, Brilliand said Dash. Martin smiled again. He didn't create the channels, but it made him feel proud that he'd figured it out. The three mice headed back down the stairs along the lit path and then up a similar staircase to the one Martin had fallen down. Only when they got to the top, they weren't in the tower. They pushed through a door and opened into the bright sunshine. Flowing right in front of them was the river. Martin dashed down the river bank towards the water. Come on, guys, let's build a raft. Dash looked at Hansa and then ran after Martin. When she caught up to him, he was already grabbing long sticks twice his size and stacking them in a pile. Aren't you still nervous? Asked Dash. Of course I am. Look at that river, it's huge and fast, answered Martin. Hansa caught up then, why are you so excited? Martin kept stacking sticks. Why not? After going down the tube? That's what I think we should call it, or maybe the underground anyways. After that I...

...figured I could try anything. Dash slapped her brother on the back and gave him a big smile. Then she started gathering sticks with him. The three mice worked all afternoon to lash together the sticks and leaves they'd collected. Finally they pushed off into the water. Martin was nervous at first, keeping his tail wrapped tightly around one of the middle sticks in the raft, but soon he grew more courageous and took his turn using his tail as a rudder or pushing the raft out of the shallow parts with the guiding pole standing at the back. Just once did Martin Fall in. Well, just once did push him in, but he didn't mind it all. When she offered him her tail, he grabbed hold of it and pulled her in as well. Hansa drove the guiding poll into the river's bottom and tied it to the raft, anchoring it. He then jumped in and the three mice swam in the shallow pools of the river. At the end of the day, the three mice tied the raft to a rock at the Bank of the river and then walked back to where they had first shoved off. They made their way back to the channel in the underground and rode their way back to the tower. When they'd returned, Mr Short tail asked Martin if he was too nervous to get on the raft. All at once, the three young mice yelled no. Remember with each episode you did both. The audio ain't the EAP. Put them on all your devices and choose unit series at story Momentcom we hope you...

...enjoyed Honjan in the say of the Big Castle, I'd be right to done in sixteen.

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