Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle
Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle

Season 1, Episode 18 · 6 months ago

18 - The Hottest Day Of The Year


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Now mice, whether they are from the city like Dash or the country such as Honza, always try to make full use of the warm weather that comes each summer, once the long, cold winter and wet spring are over. They love to run in the tall grass of the green fields, climb the lowest and sometimes even the highest branches on the trees in the parks downtown and float downriver on a leaf or a raft they’ve built from sticks and mud letting their tails dip in and out of the water to steer. But everything changes when the hottest days of summer arrive.  

A story moment with Pansa and Dash in thecity of the big castle get more episodes at story moment: Com season, one episode, eighteen, thehottest day of the year. There is a tower just off of Old TownSquare in the city of the big castle on every side is a clock face, but thewestern side is the largest and though it can't be seen from the ground. Ifyou look carefully above the eleventh hour, there is a little window. This isHans's window. Hanza is a very brave field. Mousethough he is not from the city of the big castle, like his best friend Dash,he has made his home in the village of the tower mice. His curtains are open to day. Theremust be adventure now mice, whether they are from thecity like dash or the country such as Hansa, always try to make full use ofthe warm weather that comes each summer once the long, cold, winter and wetspring were over. They love to run in the tall grass ofthe green fields, climb, the lowest and sometimes even the highest branches, onthe trees in the parks down town and float down river, on a leaf where araft they've built from sticks and mud,...

...letting their tails dip in and out ofthe water to steer. But everything changes when the hottestdays of summer arrive instead of scheming, up fun in the SunAdventures, all mouse energy is spent, trying to use as little energy aspossible. Hansa woke up after a restless night'ssleep tossing and turning in the heat he slept on top of his blankets, nowsoaked with tweat. His tail hung off the side of the bed in a bucket ofwater that started as ice the night before and against his usual habit. Hedidn't close his window when he went to bed. He was begging for the slightest breezeto sweep in to cool his steaming forehead. It was just too hot. In fact, the heat was so unbearable.That Hansa chose not to sit at the window with a cup of warm tea, as hedid most mornings. All he wanted to do was lay as still aspossible and think cool thoughts when a loud knock came to his frontdoor. He was in the middle of the perfect day dream. He was taking a napon a giant block of ICE DAS. He yelled from his bed stillrefusing to move. I don't want to play to day no one yelled back. However, the knockcame again this time much louder, Hansa ventured to sit up so that hecould yell even louder for Dash to go away again. There was a pause, followedby an even louder knock than before.

It's too hot he grumbled Hansen, knew that dash would not giveup easily. He had no choice but to answer the door. However, instead ofhis friend's smiling face there, standing in front of him was whatlooked to be a very wet ghost. He blinked his eyes and shook his head. Am I still asleep he asked himself? Idon't know. Are you? The ghostly figure asked Dash asked Hanza, not sure if that washis friend under the wet bedsheet or not, when the ghost wrapped its armsaround him in a cool wet hug, he knew it was dash. What are you doing asked Hansa cool idea, Ha Dash, replied. It was theonly way I was coming to get you in this heat. I know we live near eachother, but this heat is crazy, but it's hard to see with a wet sheet on yourface. I tripped over Miss Maggie's umbrella, stand and bumped into thewall twice on my way here I would have cut holes from my eyes in it, but Mawouldn't. Let me we're going to have to be even more adventurous to day ifwe're going to keep from sizzling or we could just stay in bed. No death said we will stay cool to day, even though Hansa could not see herface, he knew she was smiling widely. She always did when she set her mind tosomething Hansa knew there was no changing it. Itwas a foolish thing to do to get in her way once she had set her mind to a task. Okay, should I dress up like a ghosttoo? Are we having a ghastly costume party you're, definitely going to need asheet? That's for sure she answered him.

Where are we going? Oh you'll see whenwe get there, let's just say: It'll be a refreshing ride, you're not going to tell me nope now gograb a sheet and let's get going. Hansa did as she asked when he returnedwith a sheet of his own Dash, had removed hers and wrapped it around herneck, like a Cape, all right Super Dash. Where are wegoing dash just smiled and ran off only notin the direction of the rope leading to the double doors? Instead, she ran through the marketplace. None of the stalls were opened to day, except for Mister Green. Instead of his normal produce, iceblocks covered and sawdust filled his stall to keep the ice from melting too fast.Mister Green had told Hans the day before when he traded him. A Sun driedblueberry for a block of ice. As they ran past him, they saw himlaying flat across six small blocks of ice. That looks Nice Dash. How about we justlay out on some blocks of Ice Dash, didn't respond but kept running on the opposite. Side of the market.Place were more mouse. Holes Hansa hoped they were stopping in atone of the homes dash crushed those hopes, as she ranpast the last home and towards a small door in the wall, Hansa suddenly stopped. I'm not going on that line again. Hesaid Dash stopped too and turned around Oh come on Hansa, you didn't fall. Didyou no, but I almost did that wire. Isn'tsafe,...

Dash, put her hands on her hips. It issafe. You just weren't moving fast enough, so it started to swing. You cando it. I believe in you plus I caught you last time. Didn't I I'll bewatching you Hansa saw that same. Look, he thoughtabout earlier. There was no changing her mind. Dash led Hansa through the small doorinto a much larger room inside were dozens of wooden dollssuspended on a circular platform, each one in a different dancing position.Hello susy said Dash to one of the wooden dolls asshe ran past it. Why do you always do that? Hansa askedlaughing at his friend on the opposite side of the large roomwas another small door in the side of the old clock tower as they passed through dash stopped tosize up the long wire hung between the tower and the building next to it. Listen. This is the fastest way we aregoing if you're not too nervous. I think we should just cross it. You cando it, but if you don't think you can, we cango the long way down through the double doors Hansa took in a deep breath and steppedout on to the wire. It was about half the width of his body. Jess moved quickly and it won't swing. Hansa ran quickly along theoutstretched wire, just as dash had said it didn't swing at all. Dash followed right behind him, readyto grab hold of his hand if he began to fall like before as Hansa climbed over the ledge of theopposite building. He thrust his hands up into the air and danced around likea champion... Will you tell me where we aregoing? He demanded dash answered I'll, show you it's just on the other side ofthis building. She then climbed the opposite, Ledgeand laid on her stomach. Pointing at the street below there was a large truck below on itsside, was painted a giant block of ice coming out of the back of the truck anddown a little ramp. was a large man pulling several large blocks of ice onto a rolling cart. Despite the terrible heat he waswearing a cold weather jacket, he then took the ice into the building,where more men were stacking and moving more blocks of eyes. That's where we're going said ash in there. Are you crazy? If one of those men catch us we're doneno way plus, I don't want to get squished by one of those huge iceblocks. Suit yourself said Dash. Who then sliddown a dream pipe towards the street? Enjoy the Heat Hansa, let out a long sigh then wrappedhis hands around the hot drain, pipe and slid down after her dash ran across the cobblestone streetand hid in the shadow of the door, we're going to have to sneak in saidDash, but I think if we can make it to that back corner there, with the bigice block that has fallen over at an angle, will be out of sight. The blocks formed a giant frozen mazetwice. The mice circled a single block, trying to find their way when they ran into an open area nearone of the working men. They pressed themselves against the ice to becomeinvisible...

...once he was gone, they continuedtowards the back corner, the two mice wove in and out of thespaces between the blocks until they reached the very back of the building, were nearly there said, dash a goodthing too said: Hansa my sheet keeps freezing to the ice. He gave the sheet a hard Yank and freedit from the frozen grips of the ice block. Yes, that may not have been my bestidea. We should probably discard them we'llneed to be extra sneak. You, though, so the men don't see us once they had shed their sheet capesnow very stiff from the cold. They could run much easier. So what are we doing here? Asked Hansa? Well, I thought we could slide downthese big blocks of ice on the sheets, but that's not going to work. Is itthey'll just freeze to the ice? Won't they Hansa thought for a moment. His firstfinger tapping his chin. A little wait. I've got an idea. Give me yoursheet. He called out Hansa, took both the sheets and hid ina little alley way formed between two stacks of ice away from the view of themen he got to work. He laid one sheet out flat. It wasnearly frozen stiff, but still able to bend a little. He folded one of the long sides in onto the centre and then the other side over the first fold. Then he carefully folded the front ofthe sheet up into a half circle. Standing Back Dash realized what he wasbuilding. It's a sled, Hanza you're, a genius,and since the sheet is frozen now it shot a stick to the ice. It made Hansa's smile whenever dashpraised his ideas.

He took her sheet next and momentslater had two hand: crafted sleds sitting in front of them, so who's going first asked Ash, not ityelled out Hansa before Dash, could dash jess smiled no problem after you, Hansa said bowing very low with hishand across his waist, exaggerating the movements dash grabbed hold of the sled Hansa hadcreated and carefully climbed to the top of the near by Ice Block. The Block had toppled over on to theground, forming a slope to slide down with one hand she held on to the iceand with her other, she held the sledge. Still as she sat down, she went fast. The ICY sled slippeddown the slope so quickly that Hansa barely caught a glimpse of her tail asshe hit the floor and sped across the ground towards the opposite wall. Whenthe sled came to a stop dash jumped up as Hansa had done and danced like achampion, I did it. She yelled, over and over the two mice, took, turnsclimbing sliding crossing and tumbling after each ride. They would dance with so many runs down the ice block. Agroove formed making each run faster and faster than the last as the day wore on the sky outsideturned darker. We better get back soon suggested Hansa all right. Just one more run said Dash Hansa slid first, this time...

...he climbed the Ice Block, slid down andwas back beside dash in no time at all. My turn said Dash. She grabbed her sledge and made for thetop of the slope, but just as she sat down for her finalrun, the entire block of ice was picked up and carried high into the Air Dash Yelled Out Hanza. He then looked around the room andrealized the working men had cleared out every block of ice, but their slope. Now they were loading their sleddingslope on to their little cart, dash laid down flat on her sledge andtried to remain perfectly still. Just as the men went to place the blockdown, one man tripped and dropped his side of the block. Once again, the block formed a slope Dash slid down quickly only this time.She continued all the way across the shop floor and out the front door allwithout the men seeing her. She grabbed her sled and hid back inthe shadow of the door. Hansa made his way towards dash huggingthe wall, as he did wow. That was close Anza said when hereached her. I know a little too close said Dash with that. The two friends broke outlaughing quickly. They darted across thecobblestones again and headed back for the tower as they crossed back over theoutstretched wire, their sleds fully melted and they once again wrapped thesheets around their necks to keep them... on the hottest day of the year. Remember with each episode you did boththe Audio and pepene put them on all your devices and choose in net series at storymoment Tom. We hope you enjoyed Huntin Dash and say of the Big Castle Uprightto Thousand Sixteen.

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