Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle
Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle

Season 1, Episode 19 · 1 year ago

19 - The Mysterious Message


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“Alright, here we go!” screamed Flicker as he burst from the ledge of the Tower. He bolted into the air above Old Town Square, looped around the Tower once, and landed in the exact spot he’d launched from a few moments before. “What? Are we done already?” asked Martin, as he slid off of Flicker’s back, being careful not to ruffle the bird’s feathers. 

A story moment with Hansa and Dash in the city of the big castle. Get more episodes at story momentcom season one, episode nineteen. The mysterious message. There is a tower just off of Old Town Square in the city of the big castle. On every side is a clock face, but the western side is the largest. And though it can't be seen from the ground, if you look carefully above the eleventh hour there as a little window. This is Hans's window. Hansa is a very brave field mouse, though he is not from the city of the big castle. Like his best friend DA, he has made his home in the village of the tower mice. His curtains are open today. There must be at adventure. All Right, here we go, screamed flicker as he burst from the Ledge of the tower. He bolted into the air above Old Town Square, looped around the tower once and landed in the exact spot he'd launched from a few minutes before. What are we done? Already, asked Martin as he slid off of flickers back, being careful not to ruffle the birds feathers. That was the third time, answered flicker. I told you I'd help you get used to flying but I have other things to do today, like sleeping and eating and sleeping and sleeping some more, and then I might want to wake up and eat. What do you think? That birds are made for flying? Martin scrunched up his eyebrows and nodded his head a little. Yes, he said, birds are made for flying. Exactly responded flicker. I was made for flying, not you. Now get on up there for another ride. Martin smiled and quickly climbed onto flickers back again, holding tight to the feathers right behind his neck. Once more, flicker yelled out and then launched into the air. Let's go further this time. Will you show me more of the city, yelled out Martin. Over the great noise caused by flickers wings, flicker pushed his...

...left wing high up into the air, turning to the right. On the ground below, thousands of people went about their days of working, shopping and seeing the sights, giving no thought to the pigeon and young mouse flying high up in the air. Flicker steered away from the tower and flew towards the train station. I forgot that I was supposed to do a pick up this morning, said flicker. What's a pickup? Asked Martin, leaning down so that he could talk right into flickers ear a mail pick up. Don't you ever wonder where all the letters come from? Martin thought for a second. In fact, he never had thought about it. Nope, I don't get letters, except for my grandmother. She sends me a note every year on my birthday. She lives just outside the city, on the other side, not near the castle, in the village before the country. Well, who do you think delivered that birthday card? Mr Green, asked Martin, speaking of the grocery mouse in the market place. No, it's me. Twice a week I pick up the mail from the train station and deliver it to the tower. I'm so unappreciated. Flicker extended both his wings out to the side and allowed the wind resistance to slow him down. Carefully, he landed on the Ledge of the train station, next to a little gargoyle a statue of a baby playing the trumpet. Morning Jim. Flicker pointed his wing towards the baby statue. That's Jim. He doesn't talk much. Martin laughed and followed the bird through a hole in the wall. As they walked through, Martin was struck by the most amazing sight he'd ever seen. On the ground below were thousands of people, all dressed differently, and each was rushing off in a different direction, pulling little and big boxes on wheels behind them. Up on their level, however, was much the same scene, except it was hundreds and hundreds of mice, squirrels and birds. They criss crossed the beams above the lower level of the train station, pulling their own little boxes with wheels behind them. I've never seen so many people before, said Martin. What don't you ever look out your window? There are this many people every day, staring up at the tower as though they could tell time. Ah, no, not these people, these ones, the mice, the squirrels, even the birds. There are so many of them. What are they all doing here? They're going on trips. We are at the train station. Haven't you ever taken the train before? Asked flicker. Martin just shook his head. Well, let me teach you. Sit here and watch. Flicker perched down along one of the beams, out of the way of...

...all the creatures scurrying along the path. Martin sat down next to him. Now do you see all those mice? They're heading down the stairs Martin nodded. They're departing. That means leaving those stairs lead to the trains below. They'll have to trade something for those tickets first, of course, that's why they're carrying all that food, said Martin. Exactly, but also useful things like a needle or maybe a button, though a button won't kitch you very far, just to the other side of the city, and only if it's a really nice button, like a shiny one. Those are the best. Martin pointed at a group of squirrels, all grays, standing along a wall opposite them. What about them, he asked? Oh, they're not going anywhere. They do clean up and stuff. They're used to not be squirrels here, but everything was a lot dirtier too, tons of trash, paper, food bits, everything disgusting. Then the gray squirrel started doing clean up in exchange for a portion of the trades from the train mice. Now everything is nice and clean and the other birds pressed Martin. Oh, well, they're here like us. Well, ME, they're picking up the mail. You know, if it weren't for US birds, there wouldn't be any letters getting around the city. We're all carriers, and what do you get asked Martin. Oh, we could help, like your dad. He fixes the roof of my house and repairs my perch for me, and Mr Wittel comes and read stories to me, and Miss Maggie makes me pie. Oh, I love Pie, so we trade things. I get the mail, sometimes make deliveries, like for Mr Green with the silver bells, and everyone pitches in and helps me. Martin nodded. He was surprised at how much he didn't know. Do you want me to wait here while you get the mail? Asked Martin. Oh No, said flicker. Your mother would be so unhappy with me if I left you here by yourself. You might take a train or something. Nope, follow me, it'll only take a minute. Martin followed flicker along one beam to a large central platform. The mice were coming up and down the stairs to the left. The squirrels were darting out into the crowds and picking up dropped pieces of trash, and right in front of them was a large crowd of birds. It's only they were not all pigeons. There were blackbirds and sparrows, robbins and even a rooster. He thinks he can fly, explained flicker. We don't say anything, though he's pretty funny, so we like having him around. Each of the birds carried...

...a Satchel across their chest. Where's your bag, asked Martin. Oh, I forgot mine again. They'll let me borrow one, though. They always do. Flicker got into line behind a robin and a sparrow. Who the other birds know? The mail keepers. Martin nodded again, but he didn't really understand. The Sparrow stepped forward to a little window built into the side of the wall. I'm here for a pickup south side hospital, a voice came from the window. Oh, what's that? A southwest constable? I've never heard of them. No, south side hospital, yelled the sparrow again, a little louder this time. A hold on, said the voice in the window. Then all of a sudden the mail keeper thrust his head through the little window. It was a possum. His eyes were squeezed shut. Did you say mouthwash is pussle bill? Where's that? The Sparrow got really close to the POSSUM, but not his ear. He put his beak right next to the possums nose. The possum then took a long sniff of the Sparrow Oh south side hospital. Why didn't you say so? Called out the mail keeper. How's it going, Hayes? Oh it's been okay, had this pain my back lately. Oh Yeah, I love that book. I cry every time, responded the possum. I'll be right back. The mail keeper slid his head back in through the window. Martin then watched as the possum sniffed around the room. There were at least four other possums at other windows along the wall. Each continually stuck his head out his little window, took a long sniff of the bird standing before them and then began sniffing stacks of papers and envelopes behind them. All of a sudden, their noses would shoot upwards with their mouths spread into smiles. Here it is, south side a hospital, said the sparrow's mail keeper. He thrust a stack of envelopes through the window. Here you go, Hayes. The sparrow stuffed the envelopes in his Satchel and said goodbye to the mail keeper. The whole scene repeated with the Robin. Finally it was flicker's turn. Only before the possum could thrust his head through the little window, flicker bent low and stuck his own head in through the window and sniffed the possum morning, Piper, said flicker. The mail keeper broke out into a smile. Hey, that's flicker,...

...everyone. It's flicker, called Piper the possum to his other mail keepers. All the mail keepers then yelled out a greeting to the bird. Immediately, Piper turned around and sniffed through the envelopes again. As he moved his nose down a very tall pile, he suddenly stopped and yanked out a single envelope, just the one to day flicker. It smells like it's from the country, said Piper. Do you have a Satchel? Acambaro, asked flicker. Another SATCHEL. You have six of them still. There are no extras left. Flicker laughed a little. Ha Six, sorry, I'll try to remember to bring one back. I mean all of them. At hearing this, all the mail keepers laughed so hard that several of them toppled out of their little chairs on to the ground. Even the birds and the other lines began to laugh. O. K, fine, I'll try to bring back at least one, insisted flicker. You're going to have to go without to day. Sorry, we're all out. Flicker shrugged his shoulders, then stuck his head back through the little window again and snatched the envelope from Piper with his beak. Do you want me to carry it? Asked Martin as he followed flicker back along the beam towards the outside wall. Flicker opened his mouth to answer Martin when suddenly the envelope fell from his beak. Slowly, it floated down from the upper area where they were towards the traveling people below. Oh No, yelled out Martin. The envelope flicker then a pause, but leaped into action. Stay there, he yelled out to Martin, as he had launched himself down from the beam towards the ground below. As the envelope reached the lower level, the wind caused by the quick moving legs of all the people kicked the envelope back into the air and floated it away from flicker. Come back here, let her, flicker scolded the envelope. The envelope floated again towards the ground. As it landed, however, it fell on a piece of chewing gum stuck to the ground. Flicker grabbed hold of the envelope with his beak and quickly jerked his head backward. The envelope let go of the gum and flew back over flickers head and landed and a small puddle of water. Oh No, yelled Martin, who watched from above. Flicker, it's there, quick, it's in water. Flicker waddled over to the puddle and retrieved the letter. It was soaking wet. The ink on the Front of the envelope began to run down in streaks. Flicker fluttered back to Martin...

...on the beam. He set the letter down in front of himself. Martin, what am I going to do? The envelope is ruined. Martin didn't miss a beat. He picked up the letter in his hands and climbed on flickers back. He stuffed the letter between his legs and then hug flickers feathers tightly. Let's just get back to the tower. My Dad will know what to do. Flicker ran towards the hole in the wall and launched into the air. Oh what am I going to do? I'm going to be fired. Nobody's going to want me to carry their mail now, lamented flicker. Martin, despite being such a young mouse, remain very calm. Don't worry, flicker will work it out soon. Flick, your landed back at the top of the old clock tower. I'm going to take this. Okay, I'll give it to my dad. Why don't you rest a bit, flicker. Everything's going to be just fine, he reassured the bird. Martin took hold of the envelope and then quickly descended the ladder from flicker's coop in the bell tower towards the village below. When he burst through the front door of his home, missus short tail, his mother, stood there with her hands on her hips, her right foot tapping and a scowl on her face. Martin, Verytus short tail, where have you been? I was with flicker. We were doing some flights around the tower, you know, so that I wouldn't be so scared. But then I asked him to take me further, so he took me with him to do a mail run. You went to the train station, Martin. You should have asked permission before going that far. That is not a place for a young mouse like yourself. Martin hung his head low. I'm sorry, Mum, you're right, I didn't think about it. I was just so excited. So many new people and sights missus. shortail just nodded her head. Well, you seem to be all right, so we'll let it go this time, but take this as a lesson. First ask, then go. Martin nodded his head but remained quiet. What's that under your arm? Oh, this is a letter for someone here at the tower. Only flicker dropped it on accident and it got wet. So the ink is running. Is Dad here? Mrs Short Tail motioned towards the kitchen. Martin found his father there, sipping on a cup of tea and reading the newspaper. Once Martin had explained the problem to him, Mr Short tail jumped into action. MMM, let's see if we can get this dried out. Mr Short Tail Lit a small candle and set it on the table. Very carefully, he held the envelope over the flame.

See it's drying out, no problem at all. I'm sure the letter inside isn't damaged. Boy Martin smiled. His father always tried to cheer him up. So how was the train station? I remember the first time I saw it. Mr Short tail launched into a story of his own childhood and the first train ride he ever took to visit his cousins on the other side of the city. As he told the story, he forgot to pay attention to keeping the envelope at a safe height above the flame. Dad The envelope, cried out Martin. The envelope had caught on fire and was beginning to burn up in Mr shortail's hands. Mr Short tail quickly dropped the envelope to the ground and then, using his tail and a small kitchen towel, he beat out the flame. Miss Short tail came into the kitchen to find out what was all the commotion. Oh Sweetheart, she said, as she gathered the letter up in her hands. She blew out the candle and set the letter on the table. The three mice examined the letter. Because of the water, much of the ink had washed away from the front. Only three letters were visible, and Oh, half of what looked like an n and an a at the very end. WHO's could it be? Asked Martin. Mr and Mrs Short tail began listing off the names of the mice living in the tower. Brown fur, maybe the Pines on the other side of the village, or Maggie. Mazie, offered Miss Short tail. Each time, however, they would compare the spelling of the names, they said, with the letters available, and none fit. What about us? Asked Mr Short tail. Maybe it's not an end but an R. See. He used his finger to draw the letters of their name onto the envelope. S H O r t a. But then Martin interrupted. No, there's not enough space to the a for the rest of tail. Mrs Short tail nodded, you're right. Wait a second. This time she was the one tracing letters with her finger into the empty spaces. All three mice yelled out at the same instant. That's it. A few minutes later, midsr short tail knocked on the door, while Mrs Short tail and Martin stood behind him. He held the envelope behind his back. Hansa opened his door at the sound of the knock. When he saw the short tails, he yelled out over his shoulder,...'s your parents. Hansa welcomed the short tails in. was sitting on a little seat Hansa had built near the open window. She was reading a book. Is it time to come home, asked. Oh No, you can stay here, said Mrs Short tail. It's still early. Mr Short tail, then explain what had happened that day. Martin added a few details here and there to fill out the picture even better. We are sorry, said Mrs Short Tail. Hansa just smiled. It's okay, I've never gotten a letter before. I'm sure it's fine. The other four mice stood there anxiously. Oh should I open it now, asked Tonza. A voice shouted in from the window. Yes, open the letter. It was flicker Martin, turned towards the bird. Did you know it was Hans's letter? Ha, did I know? Who? Did I know? Of course I knew. I read the name before I dropped it. What did you not know? Everyone laughed, aflickers, silliness. Hans it took the envelope in his hands. He didn't even have to open it, as a full third of the bottom had burned away. He just reached in and took out what was left of the letter. What was a folded piece of paper was now three separate pieces. Hans and laid them out on the table. He read the first one. Dear Hansa, I hope you've found adventure in the city. I remember when I first came. Oh what fun I had. Have you met your uncle? What? The rest of that sentence had burned away. Yelled out whittle. Have you met your uncle whittle? Yes, you have. Hansa smiled at Dash. Then he read the next portion. Please give my greetings to my good friend Matt again. The rest of the word was just a burnt hole. He continued to read. I've missed her very much these years, mad Hansa repeated once again. Was the first to figure it out. Maggie, your grandfather must have been friends with Miss Maggie. Hansa smiled and nodded his head a little, wondering why Miss Maggie never mentioned her friendship with grandfather. What does the last part say? Asked flicker from the window. Hansa picked up the last portion of the letter. There's something I need to share with you, my boy, but not through a letter. Why don't you come back to the country for a bit and spend a season with me, with love grandfather? None of the mice said anything. Hansa...

...put the letter down and took in a deep breath. I guess I'm going home. Remember, with each episode you did booth the Audio Ain't the EAP. Put them on all your devices and choose unit series at story Momentom we hope you enjoyed. Hans and in the Shay of the big castle. I've write to done in sixteen.

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