Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle
Honza and Dash: In the City of the Big Castle

Season 1, Episode 20 · 6 months ago

20 - The Big Decision


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Dash opened her eyes and frowned. She sat up in her bed, stretched her arms out to the sides and then towards the ceiling of her room. Instead of quickly getting ready for the day as she normally did, she pulled her pillow - made from a cotton ball wrapped in cloth - up behind her back and leaned against the wall. She closed her eyes and thought again about her dream. 

A story moment with Pansa and Dash in thecity of the big castle get more episodes at story moment: Com Season, one episode, twenty, the bigdecision there is a tower just off of Old TownSquare in the city of the big castle on every side is a clock face, but thewestern side is the largest and though it can't be seen from the ground. Ifyou look carefully above the eleventh hour, there is a little window. This is Hans's window. Hanza is a very brave field. Mouse though he is not from the city of thebig castle, like his best friend Dash, he has made his home in the village ofthe tower mice. His curtains are open to day. Theremust be adventure, Dash, opened her eyes and frowned. She sat up in her bed, stretched herarms out to the sides and then towards the ceiling of her room instead of quickly getting ready forthe day as she normally did. She pulled her pillow made from a cotton bollwrapped in cloth up behind her back and leaned against the wall. She closed her eyes and thought againabout her dream.

Come on Dash, said, Hansa, you've,climbed trees, bigger than this in the city, just grab hold of that littlebranch and follow my path. Dash, peered up the tall oak tree Hansis right. She thought I should be able to get up this tree, no problem. Whycan't I get up there with him? Hansa called down from the much higherbranch where he sat check your back pack, it's too heavy.You have to let some things go, otherwise, you'll never be able tofollow. Me Dash thought for a moment and thencrouching down on the lower branch. With her back up against the tree trunk,she slung her pack off of her back. She opened it up and pulled out a smallstatue. It was of the old clock tower an exact replica though it was small.It was very, very heavy drop it dash just let it go and dash held the little statue of thetower over the edge of the branch and let it slip through her fingers. Slowlyas though it was falling through water, not air. The little statue floated tothe ground DAS replaced her pack and began toclimb again. The pack was lighter. She grabbed hold of the next branchwith both of her hands and then walked her feet up the trunk of the tree untilshe could wrap her legs around the branch way to go. Encouraged Hanza, who wasnow hanging upside down from his legs on the branch above go for the next one dash reached up to grab the next branch.There were only a few more between her and Hansa, but as she stretched towardsit, her pack weighed her down. Once again. She sat down and pulled anobject from her pack.

It was another statue heavier than thefirst. It was of the big castle on the hill. She pulled it close to her eyes andcould just make out the palace pigeon sitting on the pearly gates. You can do it shouted Hansa again she held the little statue overthe edge and dropped it. It floated to the ground as before, Dash stood up and like it was nothingat all climbed to the next branch. Only one more dash you're. Almost heresaid Hansa, just let me catch my breath. Hansareplied Dash. She sat down and looked out. There weretrees as far as she could see. Far off in the distance was a mountaintaller than she'd ever seen before and just below the tree she sat on was t alittle cottage smoke, wafted upwards from the tiny chimney. Next to thecottage flowed a simple stream. Just one more branch Dash said toherself she stood up and reached for the branch Hans was on. It was justbeyond her grasp hold on said Hansa. He then laid on his stomach wrapped hislegs and his tail around the branch and reached down towards Dash Dash reached up. She could almost touchhis finger tips. It's my pack Dash said it's still tooheavy you're going to have to let somethingelse. Go. Don't worry, it'll all be there. When we get back Dash, sat back down as she had beforeshe unslung her pack and set it between her legs. There was only one objectleft, it was the smallest, but it was...

...also the heaviest she used both hands to pull it out andstare at it. It was a drawing she made as a little girl. Let it go reminded Hansa. I can't saidDash she stared at the drawing it was of herher mother and father, and her brother Martin carefully. She placed the drawing backinto her pack, I'm sorry Hansa! I just can't follow you. She said, as shebegan to climb down the big oak tree dash breakfast is ready, Dash, heardher brother Martin Yell. She opened her eyes. She was sitting on her bed withher pillow behind her back she'd, fallen back to sleep and dreamed thesame dream as before at breakfast. Missus short tail noticed thatsomething was wrong with Dash. Is Everything okay, sweetheart, MissShort tail asked. I'm fine snapped ash. She never once talked to her mother.That way, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it mom, I'm fine! May I be excused. Areyou going to help Hans? A pack asked her father. He leaves on the morning train. No, I'm just going to go for a walk. Ifthat's all right, that's fine! Dear replied, her mother. When Dash shut thefront door of her house, she instinctively began walking towardsHans's home. It wasn't until she was just about to knock on his door thatshe realized what she was doing. She pulled her hand down stuck it inher pocket and walked away, except for a few Mites in the marketplace. Buying slivers of vegetables for breakfast from Mister Green Towervillage was quiet.

Dash found the ladder that led up tothe bell and climbed to the top flicker. She called out what what who'sthat responded, flicker, who was hanging upside down on his perch, likea bat with his eyes, squeezed shut. It's me Dash, oh good morning Dash. Ijust had the most amazing dream: replied the pigeon. Really I had acrazy dream. Last night too, did you dream that you were a batflying through the jungle? Tash laughed? No, I didn't well, then Ican't really relate said flicker, as he swung himself upright on his perch.What brings you to my humble home this very early morning? Oh it's, nothing replied Dash, nothing! You woke me up for nothing. Iwas just getting the hang of having little hands on my wings as I flewthrough the night. I could see too like it was daytime. It was fantastic andyou took it from me. You took away my dream for nothing dash. Let her head drop, shrugged hershoulders and turned to leave flicker quickly, fluttered over herhead and blocked the door. No don't leave. I was just missing around I'mnot really upset. You Know Me. Don't leave Dash, sat down and explained her dreamto flicker. The pigeon didn't make any more jokesbut listened carefully instead. Well, that's not surprising, respondflicker. What do you mean asked as it's not surprising that you'd have a dreamlike that and why you're so upset now dash scrunched up her eyebrows andstared at flicker? You know why I had that dream. Sheasked flicker puffed up his chest,...

...tucked his wings close to his body andstuck his tail feather straight back. Of course, I do in fact I'm an expertdream interpreter. For example, I dreamed I was a bat flying in thejungle. Do you know what that means? No replied Dash. Oh grass clippings. I only interpretother people's dreams. I have no idea why I keep dreaming about being a Bat.Maybe it's about my mother. She could see in the dark. You know dash shook her head. Yes, but whatabout my dream? Can you tell me what it means? Of course I can. It means you'resad dash was surprised. She was expectingsomething silly. She always expected something silly to come from flicker,but not this. What do you mean? You're said I'm notsad said: flicker, I'm fantastic you're, the one who's sat about Hansa leaving dash stood up no you're wrong, I'm notsad about him, leaving I'm angry and with that she stormed out offlicker's coop in the Bell Tower, as she returned to the passage way shecouldn't decide where to go next, she didn't want to go home as shedidn't want to see. Hansa that left outside only she realized that she almost neverwent outside without Hans any more. Since he moved to the city of the bigcastle they had become inseparable. I can go out by myself. Dash said outloud to herself. I did it before he moved here and I'll be fine when heleaves Dash found the big rope leading down tothe ground floor. She burst through the double doors out,unto the cobblestones of Old Town Square. As usual, there were thousandsof people stopping and staring at the...

...clock above watching as the woodenstatues danced at the changing of the hour and Dash scurried along the wall of thetower. As she neared the corner of the tower.A group of people stepped closer to the wall and blocked her in Ah Dash yelledout, though, the people standing around would not have heard it. She turnedaround and headed in the opposite direction. Just as she was about to walk past thetiny double doors leading into the tower the door opened up and dashwalked straight into it. Ouch she yelled out as the door hit herin her nose and she fell back on to the ground. Oh no yelled, a voice dash couldn't see who it was her eyeswere all blurry with tears. Dash Dash. Are you all right? It wasHansa. He knelt down beside her dash, wiped the tears from her eyes sothat she could see better. I'm fine, I'm fine. She said she tried to standbut lost her balance. Her head was still spinning. Hansa reached out hishand to help her up. She looked at it, ignored it and then forced herself upoff the ground. I don't need your help. Hansa, I'm finewithout you, Hanse, didn't know how to respond tothat. He took a step back. Are you going to come to the trainstation in the morning to see me off? He asked Dash shrugged her shoulders. Imight I haven't decided yet I thought I might see if Nellie wanted to do somescavaig with me. Oh Nelly is coming to the train station. She told me lastnight, when I told her, I was going back to the country for a while dash frowned. Well, maybe missus Brownfur will need help with her kids in the morning Hansa nodded. He understoodthat dashed didn't want to come. He...

...didn't want to tell her that mister andMissus Brownfield and their three children were coming to the station.Also, Oh, okay, no problem! He said Hansatook that as his cue to leave. He said good by to Dash and then headed back upto his home to pack up the last of his things, not knowing what to do or where to go.Dash went home and sprawled out on her bed with her face in her pillow. Shelaid there for what seemed like hours, though she didn't fall, Asleep Dash called out missus short tail fromoutside of Dash's bedroom door. May I come in Dash, invited her in and sat up to makeroom on her bed. Missus shortall sat down next to her daughter, sweetheart.It isn't hard to figure out that you're upset about Hans, leaving dashpretended that she didn't care. WHYWOULD I be upset? He's only been here a year, he can leave no problem. Missus short tail placed her hand onher daughter's shoulder he's your best friend. It's O K to be sad. I'm sad sois your father dash looked at her mother really. Whyare you sad? She asked because your best friend is leavinghe'll, probably be back. Maybe next year after the winter said, Missusshortell, yes, but maybe he won't maybe he'll, remember how wonderful thecountry is and how much he missed his grandfather. Maybe he'll forget aboutus about me. Missus short tail pulled her daughterand close for a hug o sweetheart. You may be right andHansa may choose not to the return to the city of the big castle. Hisgrandfather chose to stay in the... after he married Mister,widdles sister, but that doesn't mean he'll. Forget you. Hans will neverforget you, but even if he remembers me, what goodis that asked ash? MISSUS shortell shook her head a little.What do you mean she asked? If Hans is in the country and I'm here,then it doesn't matter if he remembers me we're not. In the same place, anymore missus short tail kissed, her daughteron the forehead, gave her another quick squeeze hug andstood up to leave. Well, perhaps you've figured out what the problem is then dash laid back on her bed again andstared up at the ceiling throughout the year. She had drawn little pictures ofher adventures with Hansa and pinned them to her walls and her ceiling. Shelooked at each one in thought about the past year. She closed her eyes and thought abouther dream. The day grew later and later, until the light no longer shone throughher window. She got up and found the candle she led at night to read by as the flame caught the wick of thecandle, her room burst with light and in that very instant dash realized whatshe had to do. She burst out of her bedroom and randown the hall towards the Front Door. Mom I'll be back in a little bit. Sheyelled out. She didn't wait for a response. She dashed towards Hans's home andquickly beat her hand on his door. He didn't come Hansa. She yelled outrepeatedly dash came a voice from behind her. Itwas Miss Maggie, Miss Maggie. Have you seen, Hansa asked DAS. Yes, dear Hansaleft already dashes arms dropped to her side. Whatdid he leave? I thought he was leaving...

...on the train to morrow morning. Oh sorry, I mean he left to see hisuncle Mister widdle. Do you want me to tell him you're looking for him? No, Ineed to see him now. Yelled ash running away from Miss Maggie Dash bolted towards Mister woddle'shome, where she banged on his door as well. Hans is not here. Daria rose, hewent to see. Mister Green Dash went from mouse home to Mousha followingHans's trail until there was no other mice for Hansa to see still shecouldn't find him. She went back to his house, but when he didn't respond toher knocking she laughed dashes shoulders hung low to the ground.She felt worse than she had that morning. As she opened her front door,she heard laughing coming from the kitchen there sitting at the table was Hansadrinking a cup of tea with her parents in Martin Dash. There, you are said:Mister Short Hill, Hans had just came by to say good bye. He wasn't sure ifhe'd be at the train station to Morrow, which I told him was nonsense, youwouldn't miss it. For the World Dash nodded her head you're right dad.I can't miss the train to Morrow, I'm going to be on it. Mister Short, tail's jaw dropped, openMartin's, eyes, grew large, missus short tail smiled thinly and Hansascrunched up his eyebrows in confusion. Where are you going Dash mummled Hanza? Well, if you'd, let me come I'd like tomeet your grandfather. I want to come to the country with you. The biggest smile Hansa had ever smiled,spread across his face hee burst from...

...his seat and gave dash a huge huglifting her off the ground. Of course you can come. This is brilliant. Hesaid and then put her down. Mom Dad. May I go asked Ash Mistershortell stood up. Hansa came to the city of the big castle a year ago, allon his own. Now that was a quick journey just down the river, but to getback is up river. So he'll have to walk it'll take a whole season to get there. Daria rose you're, not a little mouseany more. That decision is not up to us really confirmed ash mister short tellnodded his head, then I'm going yelled out dash mister shortall raised his tea cup intothe air, and the other mice followed him. He yelled out to the country remember with each episode. You didboth the audio and P even put them on all your devices and choose your netseries at story moment, O Tom. We hope you enjoyed, hunt and dash in the sayof the big castle uprite to thouand. Sixteen.

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